Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tomato soup…

Boy was that not a failure yesterday. It is the best tasting tomato soup. I even have a recipe if you’d like it. It starts out like this:


30 tomatoes just cut up. I didn’t remove the skins.

2 onions

5 of those little lumpy things on a garlic blub

a bag of carrots cut up

2 red peppers seeded

6 beets (I used last years frozen ones)

season salt (to taste)

seasoned pepper (to taste)

2 Tlb Italian herbs (those dried up one, I didn’t have any fresh)

1 Tlb Celery seed (because I didn’t have any of this either)

5 handfuls spinach

Cook down for a couple of hours. Cool. Puree in the blender. Can….

And ends like this:


That’s it. And it is awesome. I had a bowl for supper and one of my daycare daddy’s did too and he loved it, was even looking for more. I didn’t put it in the calorie finder thingy but there can’t be more then 50-60 calories a cup and there is more then a serving of your veggies in each cup. Be warned though, it doesn’t look like Campbell’s or V-8, it just tastes way better then the two of them.


Now that’s the end of the tomatoes and recipes for the year. Now I’ll have to come up with good for you apple desserts. My sauce is simple, just cut off the core, cooked down and milled. Reheated, about a cup of sugar, 1 tsp salt and canned. Each batch makes at least 6-8 quarts so very healthy.

Off to the library we go. First I have to get a turkey ready to bake. Allan’s way. Salt brine for a day and then bake tomorrow. It’s excellent, no added badness and the moistest bird ever. I have two bird to use up before Thanksgiving and the bird wars (I love those wars between our grocers, I got 6 birds last year for about .35 cents a pound, you can’t beat that). We don’t do your typical Thanksgiving big meal so we eat turkey every couple of months for a week or so in many different dishes and it sure helps out with the grocery bill.

Hope your day is going grand. Take care my friends, Blessing!!


EmptyNester said...

Good morning oh energetic one! And excellent cook/mom/wife/friend!

I'll be making the green tomato bread either today or tomorrow!

Angela Pea said...

Okay...tomato soup is my absolute favorite, and this sounds delicious. I also love beets, but never thought of pureeing them into tomato soup. YUM!

Thanks for sharing the recipe.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Julie, my love- you live a life of your own! It made me smile to read you after so long! :) :)

Michele said...

That soup looks terrific!

Jordan said...

Hey, thanks for the recipe! I think I'll try it!