Monday, September 26, 2011

A new week, new challenges…

So I’ve started Allan’s Triple Dog Dare Challenge. It’s not about prizes or anything, it’s just about eating the right foods and losing the weight and that is what I’m having troubles with, the menu and tracking. Well the menu is furnished and I put in today's menu into myfitnesspal and it came up with this.

999 Calories
153 Carbs
32 fats
29 proteins

PERFECT!!! That includes a breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. I can handle this, I love having the menu’s it just makes life for much easier and once I’ve eaten each meal and tracked it I won’t have to do it again until day 15 when we get different menu’s. EASY PEASY!! 

Breakfast is done, I had french toast and blueberries and milk. YUMMY!!! I’m almost full and really that’s plenty enough to hold me tell lunch time and being almost full now, as soon as it’s settles and my mind catches up I’ll be full. I’ve had 48 oz of water so far and shortly am heading outside with another bottle and a trip to see gr. grandma. Apples are ready to pick so I’m going to go get a big bucket and start working on them. I’m going to fix the store spaghetti for lunch tomorrow and apple something (plus spaghetti is on the menu tonight) so perfect timing for it all. And I have a window full of tomatoes that need to be taken care of so that will be the fresh sauce for the whole wheat noodles.

Today is my run on the course I’ll be running on Saturday. I just want to see what my time is, whatever it is I won’t cry because I’m still out there doing it and that is what it’s all about plus giving it my all so we’ll just see how it goes.

I’ve got the foods and exercise figured out for this week so when weigh in comes Friday there should be something good happening. Nothing is ever written in stone here because daycare comes and goes, family needs this and that, the weather, friends and more but the ideas are there and hopefully things work out but if not….well it’s not cuz I didn’t try.

I hope that you are doing great with both Allan’s and Mir’s challenges or really whatever challenges you have going on. It doesn’t even have to be a challenge with others, whatever personally things you have going on I hope they are great. All we all really want is to be happy and healthy and that my friends is what we will achieve, one day at a time.

Take care and enjoy the day. It’s a beautiful fall day here. The sun is shinning and it’s 52* heading for the 60’s, perfect!! Oh I just noticed when I let the chickens out, I still have about 20 good stalks of rhubarb so guess what I’m adding to my apples today?! YEAH!!!

Blessings my friends.


"KT" said...

Doing the doggie Challenge too, yay! So true about whatever challenge you're in, including if it's just you, yourself, and I. ;) Whatever will help give us the motivation we need to get healthy and happy! Have a great run- your time doesn't matter, you are kicking butt being out there and doing it.

Kim said...

Awesome, AWESOME!!!!

Michele said...

Your determination will see you through these challenges.

Good luck with training this week for Saturday. You are a winner already!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

You are SO positive! I love love love it!!!

Baby Sister said...

Sounds like a nice way of tracking things. Stay positive, that is awesome!!