Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A bit chilly and …


So it froze and the frost is on the garage roof and it’s chilly this morning. At least outside it was. Tonight colder yet. So the garden will surely be toasted by then.

Today was library day. Joss 1st time to go and be part of things. She loved every single minute of it, until it was time to go that way. Take a peek…

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I love this last picture. It’s a full blown “I don’t want to go” fit. They don’t work here but it’s still funny to watch.

After the library Kim and I went and cut grapes and picked apples. My bucket fell over on the trip home and though I have a mess I love the colors of these two together.


There are lots more grapes to be had but with the frost last night and the hard freeze coming tonight we wanted to get what we could even though some aren’t quite ready to be picked.

Before I left this morning I made apple sauce from the last bucket of apples. Got 5+ a little quarts.


And I roasted up two big batches of red potatoes to be frozen. All I have to do is either reheat them in a skillet or the oven. Yum!!



Now it’s onwards and upwards to the tomatoes and russet potatoes and grapes and more apples. You won’t hear a complaint from me though because it is so wonderful to go to the laundry room and find all these goodies in the freezer or on the shelf. It’s a lot of work but so well worth it and when a person is watching their life style eating you know exactly what you’ve put into these things and can figure out your intakes much easier and it is so much better for you. Still need to find a good deal on some meat though. I’m waiting.

The final yeah for today, after visiting at Kim’s and taking the little girl home that Kim watches on Wednesday the mama of the little girl gave me these. It was in a huge batch but since I didn’t have a vase that big and wanted them in two different places in the house I split them up. See what I got….I so love flowers and it doesn’t happen, well almost never, that I get flowers. They sure are beautiful!!!


So now it’s nap time and either I can just relax a little bit or start picking grapes off their vines. Or possible both for just a little bit. We’ll see.

I hope that you’re having an excellent day. It is chilly out there but the sun is shining and I had a blast with Kim and I so love being here with Joss and the bestest part, Mike is home. Really he finished up the job that was away for 3 weeks and now is here until Monday where he’ll be off to a different job doing…well I’m not sure but he’s enjoying the different jobs and experiences. Take care my friends and have a blessed afternoon.


EmptyNester said...

I'm pretty sure that the best part of your day was having Mike home! Hubs would bring me flowers all the time but I don't like them when they are cut just to be brought in to die. So, he buys me outside flowers to plant! However, if I lived up there in the freezing cold north, I think I'd flat change my mind about this. LOL

Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful. Never thought of the idea for roasting-freezing potatoes, interesting!

Jordan said...

Hey, where do you live? It sounds like you're in the north somewhere. I had chickens for a while, they were wonderful! I moved into the suburbs and gave them up, but I loved the fresh eggs and the noises they made when they were happy!

upinthecosmos said...

Mmmm, all that healthy stuff looks yummy... and like you were a busy bee! I can't believe you got frost already. Man, summer just ended:-(

"KT" said...

That apple and grapes photo is just gorgeous and so are the flowers. :) The whole post is just sunshine-y, a bit ironic considering the frost, haha.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

How do you do all this? I'm stunned.