Monday, September 26, 2011

Fruit…oh my…and…

Loving it. I am so glad my uncle just lives up the road from me. I was able to first visit with grandma for a good long time, she’s doing great…her arm is healing but she gets mad because it’s taking forever but it doesn’t keep her from doing her own tomatoes. Anyways, Mark’s apple tree is finally ready to pick. When I tried them earlier this month they tasted nasty. Sour, hard skinned and just plain yucky but now that we’ve had at least two hard frosts and many light ones they are just right for the picking. Joss helped me pick today, she’s such a great little helper. Take a peek…



We also picked grapes. Tomorrow I get to go pick a bucket full, yeah I know I wasn’t going to do grapes again but I hate letting them go to waste and this year Mark and grandma don’t have time to do it all so I’ll go and get some. Here’s what we got today.


The purple ones are great but the green ones are awesome. There aren’t many more of the green ones so I won’t be getting those but I’ll get enough purple ones to make another batch of syrup jelly.

We ride a refurbished golf cart to grandma’s. The dogs get to ride along and Joss sits in my lap. It’s really not that far, 2/3 or a mile but to far to carry Joss and apples and grapes and have the dogs on a leash. I have to tie the dummies in the cart because they like to jump off before I’ve stopped and I’m afraid I’ll hurt them or they’ll get hurt jumping.


So what happens when you leave a puppy outside while you’re making lunch or doing anything but playing with her? She brings the weirdest things up on the porch and Wilbur’s couch. Guess how bad that smells! Ewe….


Scout loves playing with Bobby, the monster kitty, but Bobby gets tired of it after awhile. I don’t feel sorry for Monster Bobby though because just when the puppy goes to sleep, the cat attacks so turn about is fair play. And yes, that’s a real John Deere BBQ grill. It dates back into the 60’s but still works wonderfully.


I got the last of my rhubarb today, to add to my apple crisp in just a little bit. And see what I found on my volunteer tomato plant. YEAH!!! I was happy to see just a few more.


And last but not least two more pictures. I love sharing pictures…..Fall has arrived and it’s beautiful. This is our front yard, I mowed for 5 hours yesterday, I got our neighbors place done, ours and mama and daddy’s. I figured I mowed about 10 acres. But now I can get the lawn mowers serviced (yes I change my own oil and grease them but I don’t, at least if I complain enough, I don’t sharpen the blades…I hate that job). I try and get them done in the fall because spring time is just so hectic trying to get other stuff done that if I do them now it’s just easier.

100_7679 100_7678

So there’s my day so far. It’s time to fix the spaghetti, make some sauce and an apple/rhubarb crisp or maybe pie. Joss is napping and the laundry is going so time to just relax and play in the kitchen.

Hey, here’s a question for you…..what do you think is housed in that brown building? Nothing smaller then 20,000 lbs. I’ll be showing you when we go to school on the 11th of this month. I’ve showed you before on my old blog but it’s been a year.

Take care my friends, have a blessed afternoon.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Please tell me it's not a giant snow blower! I'm not ready for winter! We're just starting to get color here too in the trees. It's going to be a gorgeous week! Can't wait!

I'm so jealous of your rhubarb plant. :-)

The Ninja said...

We went apple picking last weekend and ate a ton of them while we were filling up our bags, so yummy. Next year we are going to go to the Orchard for Honey-crisp weekend, those things are my ultimate weakness.

thanks for sharing the photos, they are gorgeous.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Sometimes, I can't even believe that you're real. But then I look at the package you sent me and think, "This life is so very different. How can it be?!"

I have to know what's in there. Will wait for the 11th.

Baby Sister said...

There is nothing better than fresh grapes. I'm sure they're annoying to deal with, but they're oh so nummy to eat!!