Saturday, September 24, 2011

Part time jobs…

Once a month I clean a huge place called the I.O.O.F Hall. It’s the Independent Order of the Odd Fellows. It’s a great group of gentleman and ladies that do oodles of stuff for our community, quietly. The place I clean is above my husband business, a building that was build in 1885. It has some wonderful history and each time I’m up there I think about the dances they use to have up there, the get together, and so much more. Mike had his eagle project work day up there, his 2nd make a blanket day and his Eagle Court of Honor. It’s a great place and even though it’s huge I enjoy cleaning it, most of the time. I took some pictures to share with you what it looks like. Anyone into history will love some of the details of the chairs and the architect of the interior. Here, take a peek…sorry about the pictures I used my cell phone and though they are okay they are not grand.

0922111200aThis says Feb 5th, 1837.

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Today I start another part time job, it’s cleaning the old Ziske’s building. It was built the same time as this one but was an old feed mill and grocery store but now is a warehouse for my husband’s business. The front part is still used for sales while the back is storage and there’s no one to clean and organize so they asked me two times a month on a Saturday to come in and see what I can do.

I also talked to the bus garage Thursday, Monday October 3rd I’m back to my training and I’m hoping at the middle of the month I’ll have my license and be on the road to games and activities.

My other part time job making my jewelry with my best bud is coming to a halt. Sales are so small so after our last Christmas show this year I think we’ll be taking a break. Our area is so depressed for money that we can’t make enough to make it worth while. We aren’t quitting though because maybe in a few years we’ll pick it up again and it’ll be perfect again. Who knows.

My most favorite part time job right now is cooking for the store. Twice a week I send in my creations, make a little money and make life easier for them at the store. They aren’t to picky on what everyone will eat so it’s nice to fix a huge pot of soup, fresh bread and a dessert or a hot dish, salad and apple pie or …. well all kinds of things.

Each of these part time jobs are a day here and there and really I guess you’d call them causal jobs but they are important in what I do for each one and I do make an extra $100.00 a month doing them all so will claim them and enjoy the fact that I can still do my daycare wee one and squeak by earning the grocery money.

I just wanted to share a little bit with you today. I hope you’re having a great weekend. So far so good here. Take care and God Bless!!!


Cyn said...

wow -- you are one busy gal!!!

Angela Pea said...

My Grandpa was an Oddfellow! I remember going to pot lucks in the meeting hall when I was a little girl and feeling so important when Grandma would send me around the tables with the bread basket to pass out rolls. :)

Betty said...

I agree with Cyn. You are one busy woman. Working hard and helping to bring some income in.
Hope you get weekends off and enjoy yours!

Mare said...

You are for sure a busy woman! How inspiring you are!

The buildings must be pure treasures. I loved your thought about the dances that were held in that hall.

I see that you have a walking goal for 2011. How is that going? I'll be doing the Breast Cancer 3-Day, 60 mile walk in Nov. Wish I had you as a walking partner to keep me motivated for the training.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving those great comments. They really mean a lot.

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy your family!


ImSoVintage said...

Every job is important and you are a busy caring woman. Love that old hall.

Happy new follower from the over 40 blog hop.

EmptyNester said...

Wow Julie. Again you impress me (and tire me out) with your dedication to your family, your courage, your strength and your energy. You are one impressive woman!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

"... but they are important in what I do for each one." That made me cry. I love that. I know I'll be happier at work on just sealing that line into my head.