Monday, September 12, 2011

Badge holder, apple sauce and tomatoes…

Well the tomatoes are picked. Severe weather is on it’s way tonight, they say…hail and 70mph winds. Hopefully not but at least my garden is ready, minus the sunflowers that are 18’ tall and sure couldn’t handle that wind. After this storm it’s suppose to freeze Wednesday night, 25*, burr. Here’s the tomatoes…now I picked these 4 buckets and 4 more, 2 for great grandma and 1 for mama and 1 for Brenda. I picked all colors because no matter if they are ripe or not there is tons of stuff to make with all of the tomatoes. We love the green tomato bread and there’s green salsa and green enchilada's and more.


Last Friday the girls came and stayed the evening so we made apples sauce. We made 12 quarts. Here’s my helpers…


During my last craft show we had a returning customer drive up from the cities to make sure she found us. She had lost our business card and knew that we always do the Crosby Heritage days show and she came to order 2 more badge holders from us. We gave her extra cards and I have her number and e-mail so now if she’s in the need she doesn’t have to drive up. Here are the two badge holders I made for her and then while telling Sally about them she wanted me to make her some magnetic bracelets so I made her two and one for her granddaughter. Remember I don’t take great jewelry pictures but it does give you an idea.


Joss and I have had a busy day today. We went and visited great grandma and Mark. We got to see the goats and had a good visit. Because Joss can’t walk over to grandma’s we took my trusty golf cart and when we got back I did the tomatoes while she sat and watched me. Well she didn’t exactly sit and watch but she did play and watch. Wilbur loves the cart and going for rides so as soon as that thing is out he’s in there ready to go.


This past weekend was a quiet weekend. On Sunday Jim and I took the blanket down to the pond and just sat there and chattered and enjoyed the wonderful day. It’s been a long time since we just didn’t do anything and I loved it. This is what we need to reconnect as a couple instead of a family. Mike was busy out and about visiting his friends since he’s gone all week and enjoying himself. Here’s the views we saw…


0911111618a 0911111544b

Things are not quite as green as they use to be. Fall is on it’s way and then there will be the beautiful colors. After that I don’t want to talk about because winter is not my favorite time of year though I’m still out playing in it since I am not an indoor kind of gal.

So there’s my day. Tonight is scouts so my day won’t end for a while yet. Tomorrow another busy one. Eating was okay today, not spot on but not terrible either. Just a few extra blueberries and a few melba toast. Still under 1200 calories for the day. I can handle that.

Take care my friends and have a blessed and awesome evening. Chatter tomorrow.


Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Very cool badge holders. I usually kill mine like that. :-) Also awesome on the calories...

EmptyNester said...

Wow Julie. I can't believe how quickly and drastically your weather changes. Wow.

I love everything you wrote about but I especially love the part where y'all are reconnecting as a couple! So important!

Where's that green tomato bread recipe? I'm quite curious!

Angela Pea said...

I remember as a kid rushing through the gardens with my mom pulling in all the last minute tomatoes, herbs and squash before the first winter storms passed through. And Freeze? FREEZE?? I'm coming to your house!

Today we hit our 70th day of 100 degree temperatures. Actually, it will get up to about 105 or so. I am so ready for summer to just go away. If it doesn't, I really am coming to your house.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

You're an awesome woman and I love reading you all at once!