Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Harvest of the week…


3 5 gallon buckets, and a wash tub of tomatoes with hundreds more in the garden, 4 dozen ears of corn and the last 5 kohlrabi. Usually I do the harvest, canning and freezing alone but Jim helped with the corn this year. It sure made it nice. I got 12 meals of corn and so far 36 quarts of tomatoes. Some are spaghetti sauce, some are just seasoned tomatoes, some are pureed tomatoes and there’s salsa that I think is a bit spicy and a few jars of goulash sauce.

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If you’re not a canner or processor of veggies I took just a couple pictures to show you just the beginning process of doing tomatoes. You first boil the fresh tomatoes in water for a couple of minutes until the skin splits, then you put them in ice/cold water and cool them down. Then you make them naked and put them into a stock pot and begin the process of boiling them down and adding whatever ingredients you need for taste. I use onions, peppers of all kinds, garlic and many different dried seasonings. When I make my spaghetti sauce I add my grounded hamburger/turkey/pork. There are so many uses for tomatoes and I know exactly what’s in mine.


I also now have 15 meals of green beans, 3 quarts of apricot syrup, 10 meals of beets and squash and the beginnings of apple sauce. Terri is bring me over elderberries tomorrow to make some jam and Brenda has crab apples for me for jam also and then Mark’s tree has tons of apples on it so I will ask him if I can get a few bucket full's for more sauce. I think we’ll be set for the winter. Now to just find a good deal on some meat and to butcher my chickens. Thank goodness for living in the country. I truly am blessed.

Take care my friends and have a great evening. Blessings to you all!!

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You could start a factory with those! Awesome stuff! :0 :0 :0