Friday, September 2, 2011

First day back at the gym….

You know, this summer I did participate in Debbi’s Slimmer this Summer challenge and I did get some exercising done but you’d never know that with the first day back at the gym. I did get on the elliptical and went 15 minutes from level 1-15 and worked up a sweat and worked hard but when I left the gym in May I was able to go for 30 minutes, but 15 was my max. For the treadmill I figured a strong, fast mile at a level 5 incline would be easy….nope, not. I’ve been walking this summer but not pushing myself to hard…it’s hot and I’m a baby and …. well I lost there too. I did a 15 minute mile. I did my normal on the abs machine and that went well and the same with the back machine, neither of those too changed. I think I can thank doing the planks all summer long for that. But here’s the kicker and I am very disappointed in myself, my vertical sit-ups, I was able to do a strong 30 when I left but last night I did 9. 9 that sucks!!! Well I guess what I’m going to be doing until next May, working my butt off and stomach off and bat wings and back fat and toning everything. Oh how could I do that in just three months? How could taking 3 months off change me so much. Now I could say for an excuse I had super long hours, daycare from 7 am on Wednesday until 7 pm on Thursday, no time off, little sleep but still a person can’t slip that much unless they let themselves go. No wonder I gained back to many pounds of fat.

Well I will just have to work hard to get back to where I was and then work harder to get better then where I was. It’s possible because even though I didn’t do great last night, I enjoyed myself. I was back where I love being, where I love going to make myself a better fit, healthy person. Tonight I’ll go back and work on my arms, legs, back and tummy. I’ll give my legs the day off to recoup from yesterday (unless I just go a bit easier because come Saturday and Sunday I won’t be working out…..we’re going camping).

Yesterday was a great eating day. Calories were 664 and I burned 412 at the gym so stepping on the scale next week (as long as I keep this up) should show an improvement. Today’s a new day, waters going in, breakfast is done. I am canning this morning and then this afternoon taking the kids to the park and also going to storage to pick up all the camping gear. It’ll be a great TGIF!!!

Take care my friends and enjoy your Labor day weekend. I will be back next week with sharing our camping, my life style changes and more. Have a blessed and awesome weekend.


EmptyNester said...

I just love your attitude! You are so inspirational! And RIGHT! We can't let things get us down and out- we have to get right back up on that horse and ride to thinner, fitter selves!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Stinks to blow the whole summer doesn't it! Yup, I get it. Well, we can't undo the past so you have the right attitude about just getting right back on it! Good for you!

Michele said...

Yep, we got to just pick ourselves back up. It is for life, our life.

Kim said...

Hey lady, that isn't enough calories! You have to be careful, you're too important!

debkhershberger said...

Hate when I do that!! BUT, you know what youre capable of doing! And youll be surprised how fast it comes back to you!!! Youll be doing 30 situps before you know it!!!
You have the drive and desire!!

Anonymous said...

Yay glad to be in the Christmas dress challenge with you. You are going to do so well, look how far you've already come! It's amazing. I'm always inspired by your progress pics.