Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Off to the gym and…

Well it’s just after 6 and shortly my partner will be here for us to get to the gym. Not having to hurry this morning will be nice. I want to set a time for running and see just how far I can go in 30 minutes. It won’t be a full 3+ miles but I can see where I stand and just improve from there. I also have got to get to toning. So I’ll use what there for that and then I’ll be home working out more because today is picking tomatoes and corn and getting to processing and canning.

It’s 39* this morning and fall is really in the air. I sent Mike off to work at 5:15. He’s working in Detroit Lakes with an insulation company. Other then this early morning stuff he’s loving it. He feels good working and doing something on his own without any assistance from dad. Spreading his wings and learning to fly. I’m loving it, well mostly….I was loving having him home after so many years of school and full time work. He does hate leaving Scout behind, he really wants to find something he can be home with her but for now, I’ll take good care of her.

I have a kink in my neck this morning I am trying to stretch away but it’s not going. I have to ask Brenda to see if she can rub it away or maybe after my muscles warm up a bit more it’ll be better too.

So today is the day to do the best that I can. To eat what’s right, to exercise strongly and to thank the Lord that I’m here to do it all. My daddy always said, “just do you best and let the Lord do the rest”. Well I’m going to do my best and let the Lord handle the stuff I can’t do a thing about anyways.

Take care my friends and have a great and blessed day today.

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Baby Sister said...

I hate neck kinks...they're so annoying!! And can I just say I am sooo excited for fall? Yipee. :) I hope you're doing well!!