Thursday, April 5, 2012

Midweek update

Well I totally am sucking at this end of the challenge. I am getting out and moving but not running since that’s not a possibility but I am walking my 3-4 miles each day but running, well running seems to be just out of reach right now. And that my friends bits the big one. What have I wanted to do since last year? I have wanted to run. It didn’t matter if I was 200 or 190 or even 180 pounds, I just wanted to run and now my leg is screaming at me each time I go for more then 1/4 of a mile. I’ve tried the run a bit, walk a bit, jog a bit, trot a bit but it just hurts so bad. And the doctor says nothing is wrong, humph… I’d say something is wrong but I’m no doctor but my body says I can walk, walk fast if I want too but no pounding the pavement. I thought just maybe it was my shoes, you know all you read about needing new shoes and all. Well I have two new pairs of running shoes and so far that hasn’t helped. I just don’t know so for now I will walk and move my butt and incorporate some strength training again.

However my trying to get healthy continues. Just cuz I can’t run doesn’t mean I have to forgo getting healthy and in shape. However it took me a little bit to get that through my thick skull. I so wanted to become a runner that was really all I was thinking about and because I couldn’t do that right now I sorta let everything else go. The scale showed it, my body type showed it and my clothes showed it. It’s not terrible but it’s a step backwards that now I have to work forwards to remove and keep going. I know that stress heads right to the belly and with the lack of exercise and the stress….well my 14’s are starting to show it.

Now my intake has been on track 90% of the time, that 10% was dinner out with mama last night though I kept it to 2 pieces of pizza and a huge glass of ice water and then at the theater nothing at all. Easter is here at daycare and that means candy, cookies, angel food cake and more pizza but I have bought fresh green beans, asparagus, snap peas and have salad and chicken breast so for the 3 days they are off school I have goodness for me.

So it’s Thursday, our last day is Sunday and I know from the bottom of my heart I did not work this challenge as good as I could of but I also know that December 28th was the beginning of our hardship and changes and I am learning to go with the flow and I am learning to handle things better. So once things settle down like when Mike is off and running, mama and Cindy both get their test results back and we know what’s next, when I might now what the future will bring driving bus and …. well a few more personal things I can get back to taking care of me. I haven’t been perfect but I’m working at it. That’s why my blogs name is healthy, wealthy and wise: NOT… but learning. I am learning.

I hope you are all ending the challenge with at least a great learning experience. I know that so many of you have taken the time to support me, answer my question, teach me something, share with me that this challenge has been a wonderful learning experience.

Take care my friends and have a great and blessed rest of the week. Blessing to you all!!


Caron said...

Walking is still good exercise. Hang in there. :)

EmptyNester said...

Hey girl! I've missed being over here but I'm back! I have some catching up to do but first, have you talked to your chiropractor about this yet? Or maybe a trainer?

Jo said...

I wondered how much Brad got into injuries in his program. Since I didn't finish I never knew. But walking will do it for you, sister. Not as good mentally, but I lost all my weight by walking with just a bit of running to break up the boredom. I hope you can find out what's wrong, though, and I hope it's something that can be fixed.

I agree about the learning during this challenge. I have never been connected with so many health- and nutrition-knowledgeable people. And if anyone asks, the others jump in to suggest help. I hope we can all stay in touch when it's over.

Life gets in the way of our best plans sometimes, as you know well. You are handling it well, I think. You are trying to do so many things, and it seems you are succeeding at them, if not what you would like. You are certainly an inspiration to me to try to go with the flow, wherever it takes you.

I hope you have a great rest of the week, Julie!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Julie, I'm disappointed for you about the running. The same thing sort of happened to me a while back. I bought a book about training to run and soon found that my hips and knees are too far gone to allow me that dream. I was at a much lower weight than I am now and it was still just too much for me. Walking sometimes causes pain but I can manage that for a while. I can at least do 30 minutes a day when I'm motivated. That has to count for something. Sometimes things just don't work out the way we plan. I hope you will hang in there and not get discouraged. You have so much going on in your life. Tackle that first and then reevaluate how you want to get healthy. You have done well with the challenge. You should be proud of yourself.

Noelle said...

Sending a big hug your way!

upinthecosmos said...

Julie you have done wonderfully because you simply keep trying:-) I myself have gone through some hard times & am dealing with some leg issues so I have to keep reminding myself that just because I can't do it all doesn't mean I shouldn't still do what I can:-) Just keep at it & keep trying, it's what Im doing too:-)