Sunday, April 15, 2012

Working with Mike….




While Mike started working on his leaf springs I changed the lower radiator hose for him. My dad and uncle came over to check on Mike and I and we took a full weekend job and did it in 9 hours on a Saturday. We worked pretty good together (minus a few arguments here and there).


It was a sunny beautiful day. It was great working with Mike. And now his suburban is ready to roll to school.

Tonight Mike had to write out an essay for a $5000.00 scholarship. I think it turned out very well and tomorrow he gets his recommendation from his boss so he can get that ready and sent off by Wednesday. Hey, if there’s any English majors or professionals that could read over his essay it would be cool if you’d like too and see if there’s anything that needs changing. Just a thought.

Tomorrow starts the new week, bus at 5am, daycare at 8, bus again at 2 and, well really I don’t know what the evening will bring but I’m sure something interesting and I’m going to try a stir frying for dinner tomorrow, never done it, time to try it

Take care my friends and have a blessed night sleep and an awesome Monday.


Michele said...

Looks like a great day for both of you. I would be happy to read his essay if you like!

Shawn said...

...and you can work on a car!!!!!!
Oh my girl, you are a Wonder Woman!!!

The Ninja said...

Good job condensing the car job to so short a period of time, that's excellent.

gracies tough journey said...

Love love love the picture of you and Mike. Your trees near your home reminds me of a forest. I live in the burbs. I would love to walk out and have those to look at everyday. Beautiful, have a wonderful and Blessed day. Gracie

upinthecosmos said...

I love stir fry, hope it turned out yummy for ya!

Miss April said...

Looks like a fun, busy day. I hope the essay was rockin' and the scholarship app goes well!