Thursday, April 26, 2012

So my 5k for 50 and more…

Brenda and I went and played tennis for 60 minutes but since we chatter lots I’m going to say we did 50 minutes and the we walked a 5K in 50 minutes (really it was 48 minutes but I’m going to round it up to say 50 for 50).

We are going to do this again on Friday. It is so much better doing this with a friend. The time goes by so much faster with a partner. I have really missed doing these things with her. We are both pretty independent and do fine alone but when we get together we push each other and laugh and just plain enjoy it.

I have heard back from Michele about her challenge for my birthday and she choose to ride 50 hardcore miles and I have got to share this pictures with you…Her stats for me:

Total miles biked: 50

Fastest: 20.62 MPH

Slowest: 10.60 MPH

Total time: 4.5 hours

Total calories burned (using Endomondo): 3, 259!!!!

Terrain: Hills, flats, country and city


Isn’t is wonderful to feel like this? I am so wanting that feeling again. I am very proud of you Michele. Want to meet Michele? Just click her name and be prepared to find a woman on a journey of a life time.

There are others who have joined me but nothing in my e-mail yet so I’ll post them as they come in. Remember my e-mail is in my profile or it’s engine3 at gmail dot com.

Yesterday Kim and her darling husband took me out for lunch at Famous Dave's. WOW, it was great and wonderful and tasted so good and the company was awesome. Thank you both again for such a great time. Kim and I also got to stop at two different thrift stores. Oh how I love thrift store shopping.

So today is a very busy day. Driving bus, day caring and then tonight am day caring for my bus garage boss and his grandbabies. They may be starting here when mom starts school but today is a test run. I was going to take the day off from driving bus but I figured they might as well see what my whole day is like and meet Brenda and tonight we’ll go see grandpa and visit great grandma and the baby baa’s.

An update on Mike….he is awesome, now. It was hard for him the first few days and it’s still hard in a room with 4 other guys but I know that they’ll figure out a routine that will work for them. Guys are so different then girls. We seem to jump in with both feet, make plans, lists and have everything organized within the first day or so, guys….well nothing like girls. His first day of school was great and here’s a picture of him in his diesel colors. He is just so handsome, if I do say so myself. :o)


Me, well I’m adjusting. Really I was doing pretty darn good until I saw this picture yesterday. This past weekend we got some wood to start redoing the ceiling in Mike’s room and I’ve picked my colors….want to see?


Well this isn’t the great picture of them, they are a bit brighter. One’s called Luscious Mango (that’s the lighter one) and Orange Marmalade is the other. I am loving them and realized as I was looking at them, so many other colors go with them.

Okay, lunch is done, it’s Barbie time. Take care my friends. Blessings to you all.

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. It was so awesome to get them and to still be getting them. Along the way this week we also snuck in our 32nd anniversary.. Pretty darn cool.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Julie, Mike looks great. I'm glad he sent you a photo. I'm sure he misses you as much as you miss him. It will all work out though.

Good for you for finding a workout buddy. I always do better when someone is working out with me. I need to get Bethany to come over and walk with me. She is just so busy at work and all.

Hang in there and have a wonderful evening. Hugs. :)

EmptyNester said...

You're getting right back into it! Good for you! My allergies have attacked me with brute force- my seasonal allergies are under control but I took care of my BFF's kitty while she was on vacay and my allergies went haywire! I can't breathe and I lost my voice. So only walking the dog right now. Hope to be back running in the next few days.

Betty WSch. said...

I did my 5 k today! Here's the link:

I totally rocked it and did it in record 40 min. Thank you so much for having this idea Julie, you challenged me and I loved it.

I'm so glad you are getting out there with your friend and enjoying some girl time!

Michele said...

Thanks for the shout out, Julie! It was fun thinking of you while I was doing those 50 miles.

Nice picture of Mike, too! He is handsome!