Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am slow…

Today I went for a walk. My leg is bothering me again so instead of trying to push it to run I went for a walk. 3.18 miles in 59 minutes. That’s slow for me but at least it means I was still out there moving my behinder.

I took some pictures with my phone to share with you. I had planned on making today my Jelly Bean Run but since I walked I’ll wait and see what my next time out brings.

0401121509a 0401121513a

My walking partners. They are always so eager to go with me. A different route today. I chose the dirt road down from our place since I wasn’t running a perfect quiet place to enjoy.

 0401121530a 0401121532a

The cabins at the point down from our place a couple of miles and my grandparents use to own the property across the lake.

0401121534a 0401121540a

Up, up and away. The hill doesn’t look huge but it is. Both of these hills are long and steep.

It was a great walk though and the temp was perfect for just a short sleeve blouse. I didn’t wear my iPod because a different road I wasn’t sure of the traffic. But this also meant I heard for the first time the Loons on the lake and the frogs in the swamp.0401120938a 0401121551a

Signs of spring, a month early for Minnesota. My rhubarb is already sprouting and the wild pansies are on the edge of the woods.

A new week and I want to get in at least 15 miles of walking/running. We’ll see how this leg of mine feels but I do know if it’s not running it will be walking and moving.

Take are my friends and have a blessed week.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hey Julie!!
I hope your legs feels better soon! Kudo's for getting out for a fabulous walk and enjoying all the SOUNDS as well as sights. Most Awesome!

I love how you keep hangin in there and doing things that are good for you! What steller walking companions you have too!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Always good to hear from you. You are the coolest!!

Much love,

Kim said...

Phew, you are a busy lady! Just remember you're always taking more steps forward than backwards. That's awesome!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your walk and your day, Julie. I'm glad:) You need some time for yourself. I got out in the sunshine for a little while today. It is almost too hot for spring now. We are getting some fairly high temps for this time of year. Take care of yourself, my friend. :)

Shannon said...

Glad you enjoyed your walk! That dirt road looks like such a peaceful place to run/walk!

Hope your leg gets better soon! :)


Maren said...

I really hope your legs feel better really soon! I like your area, it's so different from mine. Feels kind of exotic :)

Take care Julie!

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope your leg feels better!!
Have a great week!


EmptyNester said...

That hill looks like one of those deceptive ones. You know, they don't look so steep or long but they are? And you make the discovery when you try to walk it or ride a bike up? LOL