Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pictures and more…


If this was growing on my house I would die. Jim and I went for a walk and found this on our neighbors cabin. I wanted to knock it down before the bees returned but since it’s been warm and we’ve seen a bee here and there Jim thought just maybe it was slightly active and he wasn’t about to touch it.


Wilbur goes where ever I go and Jim and I took a cart ride last night and he went with. He sits on my legs and “looks out the front window”. No window, I know but there’s only two seats on our cart and he likes to sit in one but I’m not about to sit in the back so I sit down and tell him to look out the window.

 100_9203 100_9204 


An experiment. It’s only April and this is Minnesota and really we are suppose to have snow and cold still happening here but it’s not so I spent $1.78 on green pepper and tomato plants and put them into the containers up at the house. First I take home made tomato cages and wrap them in shrink wrap, I planted the little plants and watered them with warm water and covered them up. I know the black bags don’t let light in (these are lighter bags so some light but not lots), but they should keep them nice and warm and just maybe they’ll survive and thrive and produce sooner then September. We’ll see.

100_9212 100_9213 100_9214

100_9207 100_9211

Found this cool idea for pussy willow prints. Just a brown marker and black ink pad and our finger. I loved how they turned out.


Joss and I made this while the girls got to use markers and ink. They just made from pipe cleaners and pom poms.

 100_9220 100_9221

100_9222 100_9227

100_9228 100_9230

We did our eggs on Friday. Some white ones, some green and also brown but they all turned out beautiful. I love how the kids fingers look afterwards. We’ve done this now for 13 years and it never gets old. I love how they come up with colors and ideas.


Love how it takes two guys to put on one little girls shoes. Joss just hangs there while Scott puts them on and grandpa holds her.

 100_9235 100_9236

100_9237 100_9239

100_9240 100_9241

Our Easter Egg hunt. Mike got home from work in time to hide them and then help them find them. Grandma and grandpa came for pizza and then the hunt.


One of our final group pictures with Mike.

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Helping me bake cookies. I’m working on making healthier versions and Joss is my taste tester. I guess these were just fine.

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I still teach Merit Badges for our local boy scout troop and one of the 10 I teach is Indian Lore. We have a great Indian museum just 40 minutes away from us so 4 adults and I took 17 scouts and they proceeded to learn some amazing information and games and more. This is one of my easier MB to teach because everything is contained at the museum except the Long House we’ll be making together at one of our upcoming meetings. Tomorrow night is one of our community services. For the past 10 years one of our elderly has a huge yard and we clean it up, plants some flowers and have a treat. It’s a great event and the kids learn to work together and why we do these things.

So there you have it, you’re caught up to date on my wee ones and what’s new and happening. There’s no school tomorrow and the kids and I are going to do a roadside pick up. We do this each spring and even though there’s just 4 wee ones and myself we’ll get it done. It’s a good learning experience and makes our part of the world a little cleaner.

Take care my friends and have a blessed evening. Happy Easter to you all!!


Debsdailylife said...

Thankyou for sharing your life with us!! I love to see your pictures!! AND I see Jim went for a walk with you!! YES!!!!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

What an exciting few days, Julie! Kids are so much fun and they make holidays extra special. Everyone looks like they had a great time and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I hope your tomato and pepper plants survive and bear well in a few months. I know it is difficult with your climate. People are just starting gardens here but there is still a chance of frost in the area. We are still getting near freezing at night. Most people don't really start planting until May. I'm just not up to gardening right now but maybe later on I will be inspired. Hugs. :)

deanna said...

You have so much fun! Love all the pictures. I can't wait to share the mini green house thing with my garding husband. He has taken over the dinning room right now with plants all ready for the garden. He is loving this weather. And I will too when all of those fresh veggies start to produce. :)

upinthecosmos said...

So fun! I love the crafty stuff and that Joss is too cute:-) I want to plant some veggies this year, I love the use of the little turtle toybox or whatever it was, great use!

Angela Pea said...

Easter Eggs!!! I always giggle at the rainbow hued fingers in church on Sunday morning...pretty dresses and purple fingers. Boo-sad, my crew didn't want to dye eggs this year. They made deviled eggs instead. ;)

Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures.

Kim said...

Phew! Busy! Love the pic of Wilbur ha ha! Funny dog! The Easter pics r so nice too! Ttu later!

Maren said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures! I love Wilbur, he is gorgeous! And I had to laugh at how the guys were putting on her shoes.. too funny :D