Monday, April 30, 2012

Want to do what I did?

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It took me 12 minutes to do this. It took me longer to just do it then doing it. So now tonight I am going to take a hike on Larson Trails.

Larson Trails

You see number 20 there? That is about where our property meets theirs, or close too. Our land butts right up to it and though I’ve never cut from ours to theirs we have had some lost people follow the deer trails to our homemade trail to the yard lights to safety.

Joss and I went for a walk in the woods today. Got to share a few pictures with you.

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It is so easy having just one little one during the day. Wish a person could just make a living babysitting her. Oh well, love the bus driving too so just have to do them both. Friday is no school here, teacher’s workshop, so I’ll have 4 for the day and hopefully it’s a nice day so we can spend it outside. Summer is just way to short not to get out and about as much as possible.

So take care my friends and have a blessed afternoon.


E. Jane said...

Joss is adorable, and I loved the pictures! Have a good week, Julie!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, what a fabulous day! I like the little workout post, that's cute and simple. When we simplify, we succeed. I think I spent too much time waiting for conditions to be 'perfect' or 'just so', before I started losing weight... it's called 'excuses'. No more! Right?! Great, simple post! :)