Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What’s cooking?

It will be homemade turkey soup. Corn, beans, peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, green tomatoes, and of course turkey. Haven’t decided if it’ll be a noodle soup or add potatoes. Haven’t added any seasonings yet but that’s later on once things start to melt and fit in the pot better. All the veggies are what I put up from my garden. YEAH!!! for gardens.
Just thought I’d share what I’m making this morning. A huge stock pot full so there’s plenty for the store, us, my parents and my daycare family.
Since Joss didn’t come till 8:30 this morning I went out for a walk/run. Only 1.5 miles because it’s so slick out there but out and about and now ready to stay on track today. I put the scale away for the week, I’ll see what it has to say on Friday. Can’t get worse so only better is best.
Mike will be home Thursday, I’m excited. He has to leave again on Monday for another 10 days but I’m learning to live with it. He worked 100 hours last week Mon-Sun. Those are some very long days insulating but he’s okay with it and enjoying the independence so YEAH!!! for Mike.
Take care my friends, off to fix Joss and I some breakfast. I’m thinking oatmeal and yogurt with fruit. I’m really hungry so better have a big breakfast.


EmptyNester said...

That soup looks amazing! I think about you when I go for my walks and wonder if 'slippage' so to speak, is an issue.

Jordan said...

Sounds like you're feeling better! It makes me happy to see that you're not so in the dumps today.
Thanks for showing me what's cooking - it's given me an idea for dinner tonight! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Your soup looks so good.. We just had soup last night.. Yum!! Now I put sweet potatoes or yams in my soup & it gives it a great taste :)

upinthecosmos said...

That soup looks healthy and great! I wish I had it in me to garden. I think I'll plant some little stuff this summer if all goes well with ridding my house of some of the house pests (not exactly guests... LOL).

Amber said...

Looks like you will be enjoying your dinner tonight!! Yum!

Caron said...

You are sounding a little more upbeat and that's good. I love soup. Yum.