Sunday, January 1, 2012

Planning my 5K’s…and more…

Melanie at Upinthecosmos, is a beginner runner like me and has signed up for an amazing amounts of 5K this year. She has also joined me in my 650 miles goals for this year. Anyways, I’m checking out the 5K’s she has signed up for and this is one of them. I have now too, thanks to Melanie. I’m going to check out what else she has happening too because if I am to become a runner I just can’t sign up for the 4 that are just up here in my area. I’m not ready to race with hundreds of people like Melanie is but I’m looking.

If you’d like to think about this race, it’s January 18th, 2012 and you can do it with your friends or alone. For now I’m alone and will try and run this outside but with Minnesota weather I’m not positive but there’s always the treadmill. Just click on the picture and it’ll take you right to the page.

I just found something I might like to try too.

Lumberjack Jaunt  - Sunday, February 5th, 2012 in Brainerd, MN

It’s 6K and more for skiing.     Click the picture if you want to read more.

There’s other races too like my 5K in April in Aitkin, in May in Crosby, again in August in Crosby and my fall one in October in Aitkin.  I’ll see what else is happening as the year progresses.

Just wanted to share a bit with you.

Time to hit the hay and get ready for a new day tomorrow. Take care my friends, blessings!!


EmptyNester said...

Running a 5k is one of my goals for this year. I'm not even going to consider time, just getting to the point of being able to run the distance without stopping!

Jo said...

Well. I guess I'd better get with it and get a couple of runs on the schedule.

Maren said...

I'm looking for 5Ks in my area, nothing yet!

Anonymous said...

Love it! #14 on my 30 before 30 list is to be able to job 3 miles without sounding or feeling like I am on the brink of death... LOL. I think I need to get it in gear and get focused on exactly HOW I will be meeting the goal. Sign up for a race seems to be the way to go! :)

Baby Sister said...

The Lumberjack Jaunt sounds like it could be fun!! Good luck!! :)