Friday, January 6, 2012


5.14K in 35:18 minutes with a top speed of 7 mph for 2 full minutes and an average pace of 5-5.5 with some 6 mph also. Then 2 miles on the bike in 8 minutes and 2 miles on the elliptical. Plus my daddy came with and walked a little over a mile and rode 2 miles on the bike. He doesn’t need to lose an ounce but am trying to help him get some energy. So a workout that turned out perfect. According to myfitnesspal a workout for 80 minutes for 925 calories (I think that seems a bit low but that’s what it says).

I tracked my food today, I couldn’t stand not getting back at it and I’m under 1000 calories and I know I need to get more in but am having problems with the menu but I won’t be, I’ll get it right. I know Wednesday and Thursday I was way over my 1500 calories so 2 days under 2 days over and a couple I don’t remember days…well it’ll all work out once I get my ducks in a row.

So tomorrow is a lazy day for me. Brenda and I are going to a Health and Wellness expo in the morning, going out for lunch with Jim after he gets off work and then a nap, a long lazy relaxing nap. Then I know we’ll do some work on the coal elevator we’re building. I say we but really Jim is doing 99% of the work and I’m just tech support, gopher and moral support. I am going to also work on my menu and get together a journal for next week.

So my friends, thank you so much for all your kinds words, support, advice and so much more. I hope you know just how much you all mean to me cuz it’s lots and lots. THANK YOU!!!

Take care and have a blessed weekend.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

925 calories burned is not low for that amt. of time.. when i am on the elliptical for an hr. i burn 577 calories at 7.28 miles... at level 17.... and that is on an updated elliptical...julie, it takes a lot of exercise to burn calories.

upinthecosmos said...

Awesome work on the running and biking! I know I'm only learning but after doing a night of week one of Brad's program I'm not feeling like I can bike... someday though... someday! You are an inspiration:-)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great workout, Julie! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

The run alone was an awesome workout!

Of One Heart said...

We're glad it's all shaping up for you. You work hard at it, so it's only meant to be!

Baby Sister said...

Sounds like a great workout!! 900+ calories is always good in my book. Good job Julie. :)