Friday, January 13, 2012

E2E update and of course more….

Okay first the update. Weight, 178.8 so down a bit from 180 last week but not 175 when I started. My measurements, does 1/8” of an inch count? I didn’t think so either so will stick with 40” instead of the 39” when started, but I am starting to come back down and next week should show back to normal and a bigger scale change. Exercise has been good, not great but still got in 12 miles of running so far and 3 days at the gym so that’s good. Eating, NO SUGAR now for 3 days. No candy, no sweets, no added anything so I am proud of me. All in all I’m proud of this week.

My book for the week has been a love story. Oh I know it’s suppose to be health related but really it is. My brain is on overload right now, between Mike out of state, college loan paper work, bus driving, daycare, taxes and more I just couldn’t handle reading more running stuff so for now a slight break from that. I did also start a devotional book because I’ve been lacking in Christ time and I really need that.

I supported you all through out the week or at least I give it my best shot. As soon as everyone has their updates in I do visit you then and try to get a visit in or two to most of you through-out the week.

My quote is posted on my side bar (I just did that) and added a second one. I love them both.

So there’s my week in a nut shell. Not terrible at all but also not top notch. Improving and still a ways to go. Proud of myself but not overly so this coming week will work even harder.


Today is my mama’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!


My mama is more then just my mama. She’s my best friend, my greatest supporter, my life saver, my holder of my balloon string, my turd in my pocket and so much more. When mama sees that I am at the end of my rope but I don’t know it yet, she’s there to pull me back, get my feet back on the ground and tells me to hold on and relax. Mama and I do everything together. I make sure if she wants to go, we do. I make sure if she wants to go camping, we do. If I am in the need of anything she’s here will bells on taking care of whatever it is I need. I love my mama so much. I can’t imagine my life without her in it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!



I am missing Mike. I’m not telling him that but I am. It’s been a super long week with him gone and he’s still not back for another 2-4 days. I will live and am learning too do so without his constant companionship. Mike took this picture for me the day before he left and I love it. It’s the place where we go and I do a lot of thinking and looking into the future. Lots of good things will be happening this year, a bit sad but a proud mama will be even more proud because Mike is doing what he wants and will have a great future because he’s doing this.



It’s the weekend and I am having a phone chat with Michele about college, I’m putting a new to us computer together for my mama, I’m going to have lunch out with Jim on Saturday afternoon and breakfast on Sunday, I have to pay our jewelry sales tax after getting that did and done (daycare taxes are ready to roll, took 3 days of nap time but did and done), and we are still working on turning the corn elevator into a coal one. And I am sure there will be more to fill my weekend but I’m also hoping for some down time, just to relax and be.

 100_8496 100_8499


The beginning pics. More to come as it gets closer to completion and Mike brings the camera home.


Oh I had my first activity trip last night. Took our dance team to Pequot Lakes. It is so much fun doing this trip and I really look forward to more of them. I also had a great teacher last night on the ins and outs of activities.

You want to know something that super cool about all of this? In my daycare I have had 4 of these All Starz performers and last night got the hugest hug from one. It is so awesome watching “my” wee ones grow up.


So there you have it. A bit of an update, some filling in on what is and what’s to come. Now I hope you all have a great and blessed weekend. I’m always early with my updates, I don’t mind Friday-to-Friday updates instead of worrying about not getting things done on the weekend. I’ll be by to see how you all are doing. I wish you all the best. Take care my friends and please have a relaxing, restful, rejuvenating, blessed weekend.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great update, Julie. There is a lot going on in your life right now. I know it has been difficult but I have a feeling things will be better soon. My younger daughter moved out today and I am down and out about it so I empathize with your missing Mike. It is so hard to let them go and grow up and move away.

Jill said...

Wow looks like you are keeping pretty busy too! Seems like a new year tends to do that for us all, lol. Sometimes it's overwhelming just knowing where to start! That picture Mike took is beautiful!!
Have a great weekend!


Michele said...

A good and full week. Looks like you have a great mom. Happy BD to her!

Nice how life comes back to you in such a nice way with the girls in the dance team. Talk to you soon! Michele

Casey said...

Hey, Julie!
Sorry I've not been around too much this week. Can't believe it's Friday already.
I've been super busy getting Raquel's room done for her. Sounds like you're doing good.
I guess sugar is a real trigger for you, how do you do no sugar? No white bread, no added sugar, sweets? Do you use sweetener?
Hey, and your mom sounds like mine! I love her to bits and feel so sorry for those who don't have a good relationship with their parents. So, be thankful for that, Julie, I am!!
Happy Birthday, Julie's Mom!

EmptyNester said...

Wow, Julie, you have children everywhere! They will keep you busy while Michael is away. Happy Birthday to your mom! What is she, like 40? She looks so YOUNG!

You did have a great week! Good for you! Mine hasn't been great, but I've been sick so I haven't gotten too many miles in.

Betty said...

I love how you admire your mom and have such a good relationship. Mine was always a bit strained with my own mother but I strive to have a better relationship with my daughters.
Congrats on the loss! And 3 days of no sugar!! that´s a mayor accomplishment!

Of One Heart said...

Happy Birthday to the other hottie!

Baby Sister said...

Sometimes a love story is just the trick!! I love them. Happy late Birthday to your mom!! That's good you guys are such good friends. I hope you had a relaxing weekend. :)