Monday, January 23, 2012

A few pictures to share…

On my way to the bus garage after my work out. It’s snowed last night and this morning.


My little bus I drove today. See it in the mirror? I usually drive a big bus, today was a treat. Just a short run today.


My daddy and Mike’s puppy Scout. I spent Saturday over there this weekend. She had to join us for dinner. Mama and daddy, we watched some program they like. And here’s what I was working on too.

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My supper last night and my lunch this afternoon. 187 calories. Fat free yogurt, 1/3 banana, blue berries and a couple strawberries (I know Kim I’m allergic but took some Benadryl first). Excellent and very filling.


Buildings that Mike is working on in North Dakota.

2012-01-21_15-03-18_983 2012-01-21_09-24-20_358

The coal elevator we’re still working on. Really Jim more then me. I’m just the helper, gopher and moral support.


The price for organic eggs and these were the cheaper ones. I sell 18 for $4.00, my customers are happy.


A bucket full of clinkers and one huge on. This is what left over coal looks likes. It doesn’t have much loose ash, it sorta sticks together and makes clinkers.


Just a few things happening here and sharing. Hope your Monday is grand. So far so good here. Take care and have a blessed afternoon.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Hey, Julie. The snow looks lovely. We had a spring like day here in the afternoon. I even wore short sleeved shirt to my appointment. It is one of those times when things unpredictable though. Try to take care and stay warm!

Princess Dieter said...

Girl, my pasteured organic eggs are five bucks a dozen. Urp. But I bet your chickens are in great, healthy shape. I'd eat YOUR eggs. :D

Lotta snow. And your guys working it up. Blessings on you as you weather the cold and take care of, driving, and egging. ; )

Later, muah....

Maren said...

Thank you for sharing this from your life! That dog, so gorgeous! I wish I could buy my eggs directly from the chicken (so to speak). :)

upinthecosmos said...

I don't like snow, I know I live in Mn where we get a lot of it (sometimes) but I don't like it.... to deal with it that is but to just look at it, I do like that:-) Great picture, it is a pretty sight when it's fresh but then if it could melt and go away all on it's own and not be a pain to drive in... yeah that would make it all better:-) what do you do with the coal clinkers?? I learned something new with that one!