Sunday, January 8, 2012


That is where Mike’s headed for the next 7 days. A job away from home that pays great and gives him a chance to see (me too) what it’s like to be apart for that long. We’ve never really been apart more then a few days here and there and it usually was for scout camp or an overnight job. With him leaving in April for months at a time at least we can start small for a little bit.

His overalls are in terrible shape but there’s no extra money for new one so today I worked on repairing and patching as best as I could. I HATE MENDING!!! I would rather wear it with a hole in it or use a safety pin to pin it shut or on then mend it but his overalls are so bad I had to do something. Now as am mending the acid holes are getting better or worse but at least I got this one patched. And ran zig zags over the wholes in the other leg.



If there is anyone out there that has a pair of old bibs size 36 long and they are in better shape then these I’d sure be interested in getting them for Mike.

I’m feeling a bit off today. Sorta tired, sorta sore, sorta sick, sorta blah. I’m going to take the day off from exercise (I got in 5 days last week) and just rest and relax a bit. We went shopping and came home to some laundry, mending and now Mike and I are going to play Jenga.

I hope you are all have a great Sunday. A new week to work on becoming the health person we want to be. Take care and God Bless!!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Julie, I will keep you and Mike inj my thoughts for the next few days. I know how hard it is to let your children grow up and go out on their own. My oldest is married with kids of her own. She moved out of state the week after she got married and I thought I would die. I just kept busy and stayed in touch with her by phone and later on, they moved back here. Mike will be okay and you will too but you will both grow from the experience. Hugs.

Noelle said...

Is that the only measurement that overalls go by? 36 long? If you send me your address I will send you overalls. For real.

Debsdailylife said...

Thots and prayers for you and Mike this week!!!

DUCT TAPE!! Thats what holds my hubs work pants together. (my sewing machine went to the trash long ago.)

And great job listening to your body!!! Rest when it tells you too!!

Casey said...

Mending is my least favorite chore! My mom is always willing to do it for me and my gang.
I'd love to get back into sewing, that's on my to do list for when the kids are in school!
I'd love to visit Montana, actually I'd love to visit anyplace in the US and Canada!

Baby Sister said...

His overalls remind me of my work pants. :) My mom gets so tired of me coming home with a new hole all of the time. That's nice to you to help him try and fix them up!! I hope you enjoyed your day off. :)

Of One Heart said...

I think you tailored them well! I'd take up Noelle's offer too. Mike could use a spare, right?