Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Multi tasking…and mid-week update…

When I leave tomorrow morning:

5 am
-14° F
-32° F Wind-chill

This is what it’s going to be like tomorrow morning plus with the snow we got this afternoon/night it’s going to be drifting pretty good. I drive bus again tomorrow and have 3 major backing turn arounds into hidden driveways and I’m not really looking forward to that in the dark and cold. But I’ll do it and get the kids safely to school. I just will.

Tonight on the way home. I had dropped off all the kids and had to stop and clean the ice off the windshield so took this picture.



My diet has sucked the big wad this week. Sorry but can’t help it, it has. Really it’s been since Christmas time that I just haven’t gotten back on track like I should. When Mike sprung college on me it was like my life just stopped but, yep there’s a but, I have come to terms with it and with Mike working away and am hoping that I get back into the groove and lose what I’ve regained and tighten up this mess. I have sorta let myself go and though I knew better it just didn’t seem to matter. I am however still exercising and not eating sweets (no candy, cookies and such for over a week) so still taking care of that but I haven’t done anything else. So tomorrow I am going to try my best to get back on track.

The scale is not going to be kind on Friday when I weigh in and that tape measure better have a few extra inches on it but I fell off the wagon, fell off the horse but I learned something along the way and that is what this is all about anyways, learning and learning how to handle life and diet and exercise and keep my head on my shoulders instead of up my butt. I could beat myself up and think about how hard it was to lose what I’ve gained back in less then a month but that won’t get me anywhere’s. I’m just going to start over. I’m going to treat this start over just like a new beginning which really it is in more ways then just the diet part.

I am starting out as a mom instead of a mama. I’m starting out as a wife instead of a mom to the son. I’m starting out as a bus driver/daycare mom trying to juggle all that. I’m starting out as an over weight person instead of the obese woman I was. I’m just going to start over. With goals to get done each week, goals I want to meet in a month and a challenge that ends before my 50th birthday where I want to be close to the normal range in both my bmi and weight. That means work, dedication and more work. I can get my head back into the game, I know I can. It’s just time to start over.

Friday will be my baseline for my start over. I will use that just like we all used in the beginning, just like this is going to be…a new beginning.

I am sure I have let a few of my followers down, I haven’t been pulling my weight, I haven’t been doing what I was suppose to be but I’m human and I make mistakes and sometimes they are pretty huge ones. This one has costed me a few months of working out and losing.

So tomorrow I’m driving bus at 5am, home at 9am, daycare until 2pm and driving until 6pm. My daddy comes and takes care of Joss in the afternoon until her mama comes so I’m able to keep up both daycare and bus driving and just maybe start to get caught up from so many months of being behind and now also helping Mike save for college. I haven’t figured out a schedule yet for working out. I’m only part time bus driver ( 3 days a week) so I’ll make sure I go to the gym the days I’m not driving and the days I am I’ll do my fish flopping exercise during nap time. I am going to get that menu planned and ready and I’m going to journal this time.

WOW, this really was a long update but I wanted to tell you what’s been on my mind this week with all the other stuff. I also want to be sure you all know how much I appreciated all your kind words, support, ideas, comments and love. It really helped me this week. I am hoping it helped me get my head out of my behinder and back on my shoulders so that I can get back to life.

Take care my friends. Blessings.


Sarah G said...

You are doing an amazing job juggling all you do. Keep it up!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Julie, I'm keeping you in my thoughts. I know you have been having a hard time adjusting to everything. Don't be so hard on yourself. I do know how you feel though. I haven't done my best on this challenge and I have let down my buddy by not staying on track. I am going to try harder though. Hang in there and take care of yourself. Stay warm.

Betty said...

Awe Julie, don´t be too hard on yourself. You have such a busy schedule and it´s no wonder when you can´t get everything done or don´t have time for exercise. You have come so far and I know you will bring it to the end. You can do it!! I´ll be praying for you!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

start over girl...start over...God is with make me smile with all your posts..but this one made me cry...

Amber said...

You have a lot on your plate, and sometimes that is just how life is. Take care of yourself and life will fall back into place.

Man, it is cold in your neck of the woods!!! Too cold for me!

Jillian said...

I'm having a really hard time getting back on track after the holidays as well. Last week was good to me, but this week? I'm doubting that I'll be reporting happy news on Sunday. I'll be stopping by often to see how you're progressing. Remember, keep on fighting Julie.