Tuesday, January 24, 2012

287 calorie breakfast….


67 carbs and 2g fats, 6g fibers so for me excellent!! Oathead oatmeal, 100 calorie packet, blueberries, banana and 100 calorie fat free yogurt. And the hormonal tea. And the best part, it’s filling. I’m learning to eat in those little bowls. It helps my mind thing it’s getting more, it works.

Soup is cooking, turkey is ready to add, seasons are on it’s way.

Time to take Joss outside to play. Blessings!!


EmptyNester said...

Yummy breakfast! I bet your house smells fantastic with that soup cooking. Tell me about this hormonal tea- what is it exactly?

I mailed you a package today. Let me know when it arrives!

deanna said...

yes what is hormonal tea.... :)

upinthecosmos said...

It all sounds great! Now I'm hungry so I best get to my walking so I can eat some lunch:-)

Jo said...

Give, give, give us, please, the info on the hormonal tea. Is anyone else hormonal??

Seriously, Julie, thanks for 5K suggestion for me. It sounds as if I could make that work.

Have a great week!