Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pillowcase 1…

Well it’s not perfect by any means but it is kind of cute. I’ll keep trying and maybe the next one will be a bit more square. Here’s what I did….


Pick the fabric and cut the fabric. I wanted a contrast and this is kind of cool.

100_8186 100_8187

Start sewing it all back together. Opps, suppose to be right sides together not one right and one wrong.

100_8189 100_8190

I’m not a quilter so was surprised my points are pretty darn close.


The finished pillow case. It’s not perfect but it’s my first. The band on the left needs to be a different color so the pillow would look more centered. Also I need to measure a bit better so the left triangle is the same size as the right one. It’s a start. I’m going to make another one tomorrow however the colors are reversed. I cut them at the same time so could make two (I’ll adjust the triangle to be closer in size).

I was at the gym at 5:30 today and had a really good work out. 2 hours worth and I don’t hurt so things are improving. Then I worked at mama and daddy’s this morning. We cleaned up in the attic a bit and mama is making a blouse and ran into a snag so helped her figure out the problem. Daddy and I went for a 2+ mile walk just to get out and about together. A bit of sewing, a bit of laundry and that was day two of my week off (well part week, I do have after school daycare tomorrow and I work Friday). Tomorrow Mike is off and it’s suppose to be in the 40’s I’m thinking we can go hiking a bit, hunting season is over so the trails will be opened again.

That’s that my friends. I’m pooped so going to head to bed early tonight. Up too late last night, two super busy days in a row and enough stress to keep me on my toes makes for a tired body/mind.

I hope that you are all have a great week. Turkey day is coming, have you got your plan in place? Take care my friends, blessings!!


Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

very cute.... i wanna learn to sew.

Maren said...

Oh I wish I knew how to sew. I can only makes my pants shorter and that's it. I have a Ferrari red Husquarna from 1978, it's so cool :) I like the pillow case!

You were at the gym at 5:30?? I think that's just .. crazy. That is so early! :O

Debby said...

Very nice!!! I miss sewing!!! I gave my sewing machine away several years ago .BIG mistake!!! Very nice!!
PS Did you hear back from the doc?

Baby Sister said...

I think the pillowcase is cute. :) Better than I would probably do for my first time. Glad to see you're doing better!!

Caron said...

Good first try. Very colorful and I like it. I can't sew a lick without a pattern. Sigh.

Of One Heart said...

Your sewing is fantastic! The differently sized triangles are called style- modern art, you know? Gorgeous idea of contrasting. You make this achy, breaky girl happy! :) :) :)