Saturday, November 26, 2011

I won!

Jillian over at I'm in love alright, with my crazy beautiful life had a give away for a free download from My Memories Suite. I’m not a scapbooker and really don’t even understand 99% of this program but tonight I worked on a page, just to see what I could do and though it’s not nearly as nice as even 1/10th of the pictures and pages I saw here’s my first page I created.
I think it’s going to take me a very long time to figure out how to embellish a page or add stuff (and it’s not cuz the program is hard it’s I just don’t know what goes with what).
Thank you Jillian for hosting this give away and thank you Random numbers for picking me. I’ll keep working on it and see just what I can learn to do.
Yesterday was an awesome day. Mike took the girls geo-caching and they found 3 out of 4 caches. I have some pictures but need batteries so will add them later on. Then the girls and I went swimming. We had a blast. We were gone from 10-4 so by time they went home at 5:30 they were tired and me, well I was dragging too.
Today Brenda and I went thrift store shopping. I took $8.00 with me and needed to buy milk and apples too. I found a red long bathrobe and a green brush suede 3 piece outfit, and was able to get the milk and apples. A great day today. Tonight our Venture Crew got together to play volleyball. I love volleyball and we played for a good 2 hours. Another great day of exercise and fun.
I’ll get to my update for the CDCC shortly. I hope you have a great night sleep and a blessed Sunday.


Of One Heart said...

Yay red bathrobe! Shopping and losing weight- a girl couldn't be happier!

Baby Sister said...

Congrats on the award. :) You'll learn it, just give yourself some time. :)