Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daddy and I…and…

Daddy’s test results are back and he will be fine as long as he follows the doctors orders. He has some new meds, a new diet plan and some orders he must follow and as long as he does that he’ll gain some weight back and start to heal and feel better. God willing all this will give him many more years of being a son, brother, husband, daddy and grandpa.

I went to the doctor and had my leg check and the tear is healing nicely and if that was all that was going on I could be back on the treadmill next week doing what I want to but since I’m not ever that easy it’ll be a bit longer and then differently also. Because I was complaining, or really just telling, about the pain in my thigh and also behind my knee and my calf still swells and my foot is always cold he did some checking and without some expensive testing he says I have a deep varicose vein behind my knee that is bad and a surface one on my lower thigh that is also swollen and a pain. Most of this has been there for a while but it hasn’t bother me until this tear happened and now of course it’s all together  but really that’s not bad either because this way the tear can heal, I can learn to wear a compression knee brace and still do two more weeks in the pool. There are rules too for me when I get back to exercising but I’ll learn.

So there you have that my friends, all is good in north central Minnesota in the Riley household. Learning new things and learning to adapt because it’s just what we have to do to get healthy, stay healthy and keep going.

I am guessing that our challenge with Allan is over. That’s sad because I’ve been working with him since last years October but I have to say I’ve learned a lot and will just keep working on that and learn some new things along the way. I’m still part of Mir’s Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge and am still working on getting into that red dress. I won’t make any promises that it’ll ever fit like it did when I was 18 but I do know I’ll get it on and model for Jim (and I’ll have a picture for you all too).

So this week I’ve been in the pool for 3 1/2 hours so far and tomorrow will make another 2 and since I have the okay to walk I think this weekend I’ll do just that. Brenda and I are going to a huge Christmas craft bazaar and then I think I’ll have her and I take a walk on the hiking trails. I know I can’t push it yet but it will feel good to go for a long walk.


I’m working on our next load of this. And I got the septic covered but told the guys never again alone, it’s was so hard to handle that hay and tarps (they are 30’x50’ tarps and almost impossible to get down alone). Just left to do is the camper to cover and boat and then the snow can come which by the way is here today but just flurries and cold.

I made this for lunch for Joss and I today. And yesterday after school the kids and I made these. So lunch is taken care of as well as left over for supper.



Time to head outside for a bit. The chickens are still in and need out to roam and I have some wood to carry and Joss and I of course have to go check out the little bit of snow and also swing while we still can get to it. So off I go. I hope you all are having a great Thursday. Blessings my friends.


Maren said...

I'm really glad your dad will be okay, what a relief that must be for you. :) I hope your leg(s?) will be fine eventually too!!

Jo said...

You're right about one bit thing: Learn to change and keep going. It looks as if many of us are doing that these days. Glad to know your dad's going to be okay.

Of One Heart said...

Stick to the rules he gave you, okay? I'm glad you sound so much better! Enjoy the trip to that red dress!! :) :)

Baby Sister said...

I'm glad your dad is going to be okay, and glad your leg can heal. Just be sure to take care of yourself and follow orders. :)

Dawn said...

Good news your Dad has a plan that sounds good for him!
Good news too about the leg...and those meals look delicious.

In a way, we are all in a challenge here, with ourselves. We know what to do, we know how we want to live and look and we have to do it. The challenge is our own willpower
We will support each other to help keep going

Jill said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend with your leg.
Prayers answered for your dad also! :-) good luck
With all that wood that should burn a lot of calories lol.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


debkhershberger said...

Great news on you AND your dad!! I know its hard, but take it easy and follow the docs order!! :) It will pay off in the end!!
Do you know what happened to Allan? I noticed he 'disappeared' again. Hes didnt answer my email.

Ron said...

Sending speedy recovery thoughts for your dad and you:)

Angela Pea said...


Oh, I'm so glad to hear about your Dad and YOU! Varicose veins stink. I have a nasty one on my right leg that gives me fits...nothing to do but keep it compressed and slow down a bit when it's griping.

Brrrr..snow already? That's a big pile of wood to get stacked. Set those guys to it! You can 'motivate' them with the promise of NO DINNER until it's done! :)

Have a wonderful, wonderful day, my friend.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

take care of your health.... am glad father is doing well.. nice pictures!! take care

EmptyNester said...

Glad to hear your dad will be ok! Will he listen to his doctor though? I know you'll keep a close eye on him! Give him a hug from me next time!

My leg issue is a Baker's cyst. Nothing to be done as long as it's not bothering me too much. I've noticed it's better since I've lost some weight and that's good. But I'll stubbornly suffer before going under the knife!

This post just made me hungry!