Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I got this part of my computer back. It’s such a slow process getting everything back and finding out what you lost along the way, like my address book (which only two of you e-mailed me your address so it’ll be awhile before I get them all back). Oh well, I didn’t lose any important information like taxes, daycare paperwork, tax id numbers and so forth. And I have most of my pictures, yeah!!!

I am feeling down this week. I can’t put my finger on it exactly and it could just be everything that’s going on and what not but it’s not fun. Talking to my friend, she says it sounds like depression and that is not something I want to deal with so it’s time to put on my big girl panties and just smile and get on with it.

Exercise has been going wonderfully. 90 minutes or more in the pool 3 times a week and 2 times a week fish flopping exercises at home. I do really truly miss my running and even fast walking but next week I’m going to give that a try and see how my leg handles it. I won’t push it, maybe just one day next week and two days swimming and then following week switching them around. We’ll see. Food wise, well even with menus I’m not perfect however not terrible either, last night at about 8:00 I was starving so instead of grabbing for the crackers or chips I ate a bag of baby carrots. So at least I’m learning to think a bit ahead and have the better for me snacks. Oh I also had another WW ice-cream sandwich in the afternoon but neither are something to hurt me.

This is “that” week, you know the one before TTOTM, so the scale hasn’t moved an ounce but I’m still feel awesome in my clothes instead of a water balloon. YEAH!!!

So Halloween came and went. I had no trick or treater out here which is a bit strange because at least my daycare wee ones come but I am out in the middle of no where's and why add on an extra 15 miles to just show and tell so I understand. Plus Mike didn’t mind, there was a bowl of goodies for him to eat. I did take my wee one in to her mama’s job for their Halloween kids parade and I had a picture but it’s not here now.

Last Saturday mama and I went to the thrift shop in town. I so wanted to find a sweatshirt or two and mama’s looking for blouses. Well we didn’t find either but we found this..

100_8115 100_8116

It is the perfect size for at the end of my kitchen counter. It’s darker then what the picture looked like, almost a reddish walnut color and I love it. I am thinking I might put a top on it so it doesn’t get scratched but not sure yet.

This weekend is Brenda and my craft show so we’ve been making jewelry this week. Just to restock our stuff and to have some fresh new pieces. You already know I don’t take grand pictures of anything but the kids and outdoors but here’s what we did so far.


Some bracelets, necklaces, earrings, a pin, window hanger and keychain.

Hey, I just remembered something too, for the Christmas Dress Challenge, whoever wins the drawing will get me to make them a piece of custom jewelry to match their Christmas outfit. Well now you can see what some of our jewelry looks like. I think if you click the picture it’ll come up bigger just to inspect if you want.

So it’s a new day full of new challenges. We don’t know anything about my father yet, appointment for all the tests on the 8th. Cindy is still a big issue as well as her family and I did get my bus driving training done but the state can get me in until December 13th so I won’t have any kind of route or activity until after the new year so that means we will be “picking fly specks out of the pepper” for another 2 months (hopefully we can hang on that long). But life is good, there are blessings on top of blessings so we will look towards them and make the best of what we have possible.

Take care my friends, it’s hump day today…YEAH!!! As much as I love my daycare I do love my weekends too. With the craft show this weekend it’ll be an amazing weekend. I so love the shows and the people and it’s a Christmas show and what better time of year to be blessed. Have an awesome and blessed day!!


The Ninja said...

The table/cabinet is so cute, I'm going resale shopping myself this afternoon, We need some new end tables in the living room and a bedside table for the nursery.

Your jewelry is so pretty! I am in the process of making several pieces for Christmas gifts.

What a bummer about the bus driving thing, I always thought that driving something that big would be fun.

Betty said...

I missed that about your computer. I´m glad you got most of your info back. My email should be attached to my name on this comment.
I love the jewelery you made and hope it sells well. I probably won´t be the winner of the CDCC challenge, because I lose so slowly, but lucky who does!
Have a good week Julie!

Michele said...

Love the jewelry! You have a good eye for putting those pieces together so beautifully. I bet that sale will be loads of fun for you and Brenda. I also bet you will have nothing left when it is over!

Life is always throwing us curve balls. My hubby always say it is not so much what happens in your life as it is how you react to it. I am wishing you strength as you wait for the test results. Help your mom and dad to think about what questions they will have when they get the results: good or bad. Being prepared on such an important day is important.

Lots weighing on you with your dad and sister and sister's family. Continue to take good care of yourself, Julie. You have really earned your good health and you need it now more than ever. Michele

Maren said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling down. You're so sweet and caring towards me, and I wish for you to be nothing but happy. Unfortunately, life doesn't always pan out like that. I mean, life can be good, but still not 100% all of the time. I hope you feel better soom! ♥

Princess Dieter said...

My email is the name of my old blog -onceuponadiet, all words running together like that-- and it's at

My fave pieces of the jewelry are the ones on the bottom left, those 3 bottom from left. :D

Depression can be very debilitating, but you're moving and getting fresh air, which has to help. Eat well..move well...think positive thoughts...focus on happy thingsl ike Christmas coming up. :D

later, babe

Fatoutofskinny said...

Sorry you're not feeling up to par....maybe the weekends craft show will give you a boost.
Love the jewelry

Baby Sister said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling down. Depression can be the pits. I hope you can feel more yourself soon!! I love snacking on baby carrots. One of the best snack foods ever. :) Good luck with your craft show!! May you sell lots of jewelry, as it all looks amazing. :)

Of One Heart said...

Julie, here is a hug. I have no special answer like I probably should. I think, the ice-cream sandwich was just the therapy you needed. The swimming exercises sound so graceful; I'm glad they are fun.

I love how you're taking life as it flows. You're teaching me to just live- that, I need to know. Thank you.