Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 1 on the 100 days, week 5 with Deb and I….

This weeks questions are here so I answered them and then my update. Questions to consider while going into week #2
  • How did the first week go? Not terrible. Not my best in exercise but it’s hard to get it all in and yes I know just make time but time just isn’t possible some times.
  • How did you fight the weekend “mess-ups”?  I was with Mike and he’s not a candy eater or much of a snacker and if he’s not going to I’m sure not going too. Thank you Mike. And since he’s not home either and Jim isn’t a snacker …. well I guess I just don’t any more. However Jim likes bacon and will fix a full pound for us to share. That’s 8 pieces
  • Did you get enough water in during week #1? If not how are you planning on meeting your water goal? Glug Glug!  Since I don’t drink anything but milk and water I almost always get in 100 or more ounces a day. It’s hard to get it in between runs so I sorta have to drink lots in the evenings but it seems my body is use to it now and doesn’t make me get up at night….at least not very often.
  • What self-improvements will you make for week #2!  I have got to get back into my exercise. Kim and I walk pretty regular but working out at the gym or even at home is almost nill right now.
  • What one bad habit might you strive to change or cut back on for week #2?  Not exercising…can you tell I need to get back into it?
  • How are you feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally? I am a mess right now. With all that went on this weekend, a week that I’m driving or daycare full days and getting ready to go to graduation next week, oh and I have my cleaning job too this week I am stressed on all three. However I’m trying to fit it all in and still have time for me.
  • How many pounds/ounces did you lose/gain during week #2? 197.4 so a loss of 1.5 lbs. I’ll take it. A total of 9 lbs now since Deb and I started 5 weeks ago.
  • How are you feeling about your loss or gain? Deb and I said 2 lbs this week and I almost made that. Even with a weekend away.
  • How will you maintain or improve during week #2?  Exercise!!! I have to do this. At least my walking/jogging and some squats or something. I have two 5K’s coming up, one a benefit on May 18th and one on June 15th. I want to get my time under 45 minutes or at least get some jogging in without feeling like I’m going to die.
 My partner has been doing so awesome!!! Deb is amazing. It has been so much fun having her as my partner though I haven’t been the best partner for her but I’ll try better. Deb has lost 9.6 lbs since started out journey together. I love our emails and texts.
So a new week that for me is starting today since I’m late though really I’m just keeping going on like I have been. Other than getting a bit more exercise in. Tomorrow I’ll get those squats done and a good walk with Kim and …. well since I’m driving bus all day I’m not sure but I’ll just keep trying.
Take care my friends and have an awesome and blessed week.


Debsdailylife said...

JULIE!!! Youre a wonderful partner!!! I love bouncing ideas of each other, sharing joys, and sorrows!!!
You had a wonderful week!! If I wouldve had the stress and travel that you had, I think I wouldve gained several!!! Proud of you girl!!
Heres to a great week!!!

upinthecosmos said...

You had a great week! You are always so busy so for you to fit in that running as you do is awesome. It's good you have a family that really doesn't eat a lot of the stuff that we all should stay away from as we try to lose weight, it really helps. Sounds like you have busy times ahead as usual, I really can't keep blaming time for my issues with exercise & planning when I don't do a 1/3 of what you do... LOL! Great job on what you've lost to date:-)

Baby Sister said...

I think it sounds like you had a great week, and I think you did the best you could under the circumstances. It's important to exercise, yes, but don't kill yourself over it.

Jill said...

Great job Julie! You are always inspiring! Keep up the fantastic job and when you're running think of me and run for me :-) Have an awesome day!!


Anonymous said...

I tend to drink most of my water after I workout, otherwise I have to stop and pee!

Congrats on Mike getting the job - that's great!