Sunday, March 31, 2013

Busy….and Happy Easter….

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Our new to us Jimmy’s didn’t have anywhere’s to hang a garage bag so last Sunday Jim designed and I sewed us up two. One for each Jimmy. They snap on and off for cleaning or moving if extra space is needed.

I finished up my seat cover for the bus. It turned out well and it has been so much easier keeping things together for the students.


What it looked like at home on the back of a normal chair.


Now on my bus. It turned out really well. It holds the crayons, pencils, coloring sheets and clipboards and also the Bop-It I bring for them. Some of the students are on the bus for such a long time that they need to have something to do.

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I made this from a Slinky and a two pieces of wire. I found something like this in a bird magazine and it was a bit bigger and I’m sure hardier but I had to give it a try. It took the squirrels a bit of time to figure out how to eat from it but once they learned….WOW, I’ve filled it twice now.


I feed squirrels and birds. They all get hungry in all the snow we have.

Speaking of snow….it’s slowly melting but it’s still here.


I had my girls last Friday and we decorated eggs. Since they are older we didn’t do the traditional eggs we decoupage some, painted some, glittered some. We blew out a few and make them special.

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My last job for Friday was cleaning the I.O.O.F Hall. The girls came with me and they love to sit in the very old chairs.


Now tomorrow I have my girls and Anton so in the morning we’ll be baking and than after lunch we are going to go swimming at the Hallett. It’s a community center where I work out but they also have a swimming pools and a slide. So that’s our day tomorrow.

It has been a great weekend. Today went out with the in-laws to the casino buffet for dinner. We had a good visit and a great dinner. Now it’s just a restful afternoon/evening.

Happy Easter my friends. I hope you and yours have had time to get together, relax and enjoy and reflect on all that ha been given to us.



Betty W said...

Happy Easter Julie! Love the seat cover/storage unit you made for the bus! Looks really practical!
Glad you are having a good easter. We still have a holiday yet tomorrow, but it's more "casual". I'll be getting started on my closets...
Can't wait for you to go see Mike at his graduation! Sounds exciting!

Debsdailylife said...

Youre so doggone crafty!! I love it!!!
Easter Blessings!

Jill said...

Such great crafts Julie! Happy Easter, I hope you had a wonderful day!


Kim said...

Nice! Just caught up with your posts - can't wait to walk in nicer weather!!!! I've been slacking since you haven't been around...grrrrrrr!!!!

Baby Sister said...

Those are clever bags!! I love how your bus one turned out, that's awesome. The kids looked like they had a blast with the eggs. :) Happy late Easter!!