Monday, March 4, 2013

Is it time? I don’t know yet but …Mike was home….

I don’t know if it’s time to start blogging again. I just don’t have the heart to do it yet. However I have a few things I want to share so please sit and relax a little bit and enjoy my pictures and words.

Mike came home for his 21st birthday this past weekend. WOW 21, I remember the day I found out I was pregnant, it was the most awesome day in my life (we’ll other than the day Jim asked me to marry him). I found out at 9:30 on a Wednesday in August and a very long 7 months later along came the most beautiful over 10 lb, 2 foot tall little man. A bit over 5 weeks late and in absolutely no hurry to arrive and to this day isn’t in any hurry to move things along. He takes it all in and absorbs everything in his own time. Dynamite isn’t going to make that young man hurry if he doesn’t want too. Having him home this past weekend was wonderful. He’s still my baby and is willing to let him hug and hold him, rub his back and tickle him, fix him his favorite foods and even if not hungry will eat them anyways, put up with my spur of the moment tears or laughs or tears (they come often at times). He tries so hard to make me happy but not knowing that just being my son is the thing that makes me the happiest mama ever.

I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted of this weekend … heck there’s never enough pictures if you ask me. But I’ll share what I do have an explain them along the way. So starting out with …. family night at my mama’s for Mike’s b-day.


The birthday boy. 21 years old!!!


Mama and daddy/grandma and grandpa …


My daddy …

2013-03-01_18-28-37_660 2013-03-01_18-47-18_638

Scott and Mike and Scott and grandma.


The boys love being taller than grandma.

Jim gave Mike his birthday/graduation gift. Remember a long time ago … in November … I told you Jim was working on something super for Mike? Well here it is ….


Jim hid Mike’s gift. Under a shelf in the back of the garage with everything piled in front of it so that if Mike was working in the garage he wouldn’t notice or see it.


Peek. I see something ….

100_0745 100_0747

100_0748 100_0753

He has his own Lincoln welder. AC/DC plus and minus. Its a generator, power unit and a wonderful welder. Built with lots of labor of love.


Happy birthday Mike, your daddy is so proud of you. He hasn’t said it yet but in his actions and his love you know it’s true. We both are very proud of you.


See these pieces of equipment? Mike has been hired by RDO out of Fergus Falls to work on this type of equipment. Exactly what he was working so hard for in school. Exactly what he went to school for. And the best part for him (and me) he’s in Minnesota, 120 miles from home.

Nothing is written in stone yet. Except the job. They are sending a Leer Jet for him and 3 other students (that are going to three other locations in Minnesota) for their final interview and all the details of the job. All Mike has to do is say yes and this is where he’ll be for the next bunch of years. He is so excited to know that when he graduates he’ll have a job with a great company. He’ll know more soon but to just know this …. it’s amazing. A big company is willing to give Mike the chance to prove that he will be a huge asset to them. I can’t wait to see where he’ll go with all of this.


Scout, Mike’s puppy, was so thrilled to have her boy home. She loves him so much and Mike her. He’s hoping that he can take her one day to live with him, once he’s set up and knows more. I think they’ll make a great pair when the time is right.

So for now, there you have it. Having Mike home was awesome. Knowing that Mike is happy is terrific. Being able to see, touch and love Mike in person was the top of the world. Mike, I know you read my blog at times….I just want you to know that I love you so very much.

Blessings my friends. Take care and I’ll be back one day soon.


Sarah G said...

Yaaaaaaayyyyy Mike!! And Happy Birthday too!!

Kim said...

Nice! You are so much better at taking pictures than I am...I always forget! Good job and woot woot! Congratulations Mike!!!

Deanna Printy said...

I posted earlier, but I guess I didn't do something right. (I don't think I was actually logged in???)

Any who...

I just wanted to say HI! and I am so happy Mike was home for his birthday. I love all the pictures.

gracies tough journey said...

Happy b-day Mike. You have raised that young man up right. Congrats Julie. I cant wait til January when my son turns 21. Such a blessing they are. Gracie

One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

Happy birthday mike!! I'm glad you all had a great time and I'm happy to see you are trying to get back into blogging. I didn't know if it was time for me yet either but I said what the heck the most that's going to happen is I skip a few days and get back on and let everyone know what has happened. Just remember blogging isn't something that has to be every day it just has to be something you want to do. either way im here rooting you on!! good luck!!

Betty W said...

Happy belated birthday to Mike!! You must be so proud of him. Sounds like a great job he'll have.
And not too far away. I'm thrilled for you Julie!

Michele said...

What a wonderful birthday he had!! I am sure he knows just how blessed he is to have you as a mama! I know you are very proud of him and his new job. Looks like things are working out well for both of you.

Baby Sister said...

Happy Birthday to Mike!! And congrats on the job!! That is awesome!!