Friday, March 15, 2013

Mike sent me this….I love it….and….

149142_10150275678499987_1571758155_n With plenty of trips to Wyoming and many years on the road and hundreds of thousands of alphabet games this would of been awesome to find. At least some of the times…..

Today I was not tip top on my challenge. I had a constant in the bus from 6am-4pm and then to my cleaning job to finish up the laundry and home to do chores and ….. I am out of energy. Might be starting a cold too since I’m pretty stuffy, hopefully not! I didn’t get my 10,000 steps in, I didn’t stay on plan, I did drink all my water and I did log it all. Oh and I did get some bathroom exercises in, just not a lot. So tomorrow is another day. We are suppose to get up to 15” of snow so I think I’ll be doing an exercise video first thing in the morning and staying on plan menu wise. I’m also going to add something more to my challenge, no eating after 6:30 pm. Just a smart thing that needs to be.

TGIF!!!! and it’s payday though I paid two bills and I have $85.00 left for two weeks of groceries. Not bad really, that’s better then last payday. Thank goodness for my extra jobs to be able to save for the trip to see Mike graduate. I got the plane tickets paid for now, 2 at $187.00 each. Next will be car rental, motel for two nights, food, attractions on the way home and …. I’m sure more. All is good, it’ll happen, I’ll make sure of that!

Have a great weekend my friends. Enjoy, relax and rejuvenate.



Deanna Printy said...

Great sign!

Empty Nester said...

Love the sign! We're tight this week too. Mortgage payment weeks always do that to us. I won't go into why though. When you get a lot of snow like that, do they close the schools up there or is that just a dusting for y'all? :)

rosealee said...
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Ronalee said...

Sounds like a busy day indeed. It's great to read your updates.

Betty W said...

Sounds like you are really good at penny pinching. Your hubs must be so proud of you.
Glad to read your update!

Baby Sister said...

I've seen that sign before, it's pretty awesome. :) I hope you don't get sick!! Take care of yourself, Julie.