Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Something super cool and a question and a couple pics to share….


Look what I found at the library today….isn’t the super cool. I love that the title matches my blog. It’s awesome. I’m going to read it and just see what good stuff it has to offer and I’ll share as I go. Just maybe they’ll have something we all can learn.

 100_0786Good or bad? What do you think? I’ve tried them once before and my mama uses them occasionally, I’m wondering what you think.


I had to do some mending and sewing on a patch for hubby this past weekend. And Monster Bobby was there to “help” me. Mending is not my favorite thing to do, sewing patches either especially after Mike being in Scouts and making Eagle which means 50 patches had to be sewed on, not including the different ones from each year and each position he served as, but having Bobby “help” me makes it just a tad bit better.

 100_0789 100_0787

My husband collects rubber duckies. Lots and lots of them so today while Joss and I were are our new Family Dollar store I found these, a mama and her babies. Just had to get them for him. I have a suburban I was going to share a picture with you, but it’s covered in a foot of snow so that will have to be another day, that has 5 ducks glued to the roof where the marker lights would go. We call that suburban “Ducky”, of course.

Day 3 has been going good so far. It is amazing how fast the sugars add up when your just eating normal stuff. Oatmeal with 1/4 tlb pb, a banana, thin sliced turkey meat, milk …. and nothing bad for me. I am a bit hungry today but am trying to ignore it and drink more water. I am really wanting some chips or a chocolate chip muffin or …. well it won’t happen but I’m awanting. :o)

Hope all is well with you. Joss is just finishing up her lunch, we went to the library today and then came home for play and lunch. We’ll be heading back to town in an hour. Still a great day.



Cindy said...

i've used the 5 hour energy to get me through volleyball tournaments. i didn't get jittery like i would from a ton of soda... and my mind felt clear which helped with concentration and kickin' some ass! ;)

Jeanette said...

I'd stay away from the 5 hour energy drink... Anything with that many chemicals in it isn't doing you any favors!

Sunshine's Heart said...

I've used the 5 Hour Energy drinks before but after a while they make me jittery and nervous. They don't go well with my psych meds. They don't have all that much caffeine and probably wont hurt you but they might interfere with your sleep.

So glad to hear you 3rd day is going well with your goals. Good for you. Rubber ducky collecting makes me laugh. I would love to collect something fun like that.

Have a great rest of the day, Julie.

Baby Sister said...

How funny about the book. I've never tried energy drinks, so I wouldn't be much help there. Rubbery duckies would be such a fun collection!! Good luck with your goals today. :)

Caron said...

I thought the energy drinks were a definite "no" but then I saw two doctors on one of the news shows saying they aren't so bad. Personally, I'll pass. :)