Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WOW!!! I’m sorry it’s been a few days…

Where to begin….Let’s do Saturday. Remember when I told you we were going to my dad’s to cut wood? Well we had 3 chainsaws and 5 workers getting his pile did and done. It took us 2 hours to get the 6 cords of wood cut, split and piled up but now I do not have to worry any more about daddy cutting up his wood and possible falling or worse.

100_8317 100_8319


I made lunch so that when everyone was done there was a huge salad and BBQ chicken wings (with homemade BBQ sauce with my homemade grape jam and chili sauce and lots of spices, daddy said it was the best). It was a great morning/afternoon to spend together as a family.

Then Saturday and Sunday Jim and I finished building this. Our new coal crib. This is where the wood use to be piled. It’s 6’ wide and 20’ long and we can pile the coal up 6’. The reason for doing this is to reinforce the walls because coal isn’t light.

100_8329 100_8324

Especially when Monday and Tuesday evenings we did this. By hand, shovel full by shovel full. We are looking for a elevator but haven’t found one yet. We want to get at least one more load in there before we start burning with coal, reason being we’d like to see just how much 4 tons to and how long it will last.

100_8334 100_8335

Then on Monday I got a phone call from the bus garage. The man I’m going to sub for when I get my license was in the hospital could I please come in and do a ride along so that “if” I pass my test on Tuesday I could start driving right away. Talk about stress, it was enough stress just taking the test but now to know I have to pass because I have a job. My ride along when just fine. It’s my route, the one with my daycare kids on it, the ones with my family on it, the ones where if I didn’t know your kid, my kid knows you and now we all know each other. It was so cool the hugs and love I got when they saw me on the bus.

Tuesday morning started out bright and early (5am) doing my last ride along. So this way I had a once for morning and afternoon run. I took notes and watched the map so I wouldn’t forget something or someone. THEN…..Then the scary stuff happens. The test in Brainerd. A bigger town then mine by far but of course not as big as the cities but still plenty big for this first time girl. I drove over to Brainerd with a licensed driver and then he left to go out for breakfast while I faced the music. I was so scared I was shaking uncontrollably and my teeth were chattering so hard I couldn’t even talk. The test driver sent me back to the bus to calm down while he did the paperwork and then he came out. Before he came I just sat in the bus ready to puke and talked to the Lord. Told him I can’t do this without him helping me calm down and you know, almost like magic (not quite cuz it wasn’t gone but I could talk and breath and move again) I felt better. I managed to do very well, only one wrong and he only marked it off because I didn’t do the move but I did explain I had forgotten even before we moved. So now I am a bus driver. 

My first run last night was with my boss as my ride along and it went really well. I was late getting my wee ones home but it was very foggy and I did miss two stops so had to back up for 1 and turn around for the other. No one was complaining and all got home safe and sound. When I got home, after 12 hours away and in the bus we had to unload another load of coal. By 8:30 I was ready to cry and just drop dead. Which I did after a shower. Skipped dinner, in fact hadn’t even planned a dinner so not sure what anyone ate, didn’t really care. I did talk to boy of my men and told them I will need help at home know. Since I am gone first thing in the morning someone needs to feed the chickens and let them out and in the evening someone needs to put wood in the stove and shut up the chickens and collect the eggs. I will be using my crock pots lots. It helps I am home in 9:00 even though I still have daycare I am home to get caught up on things and also able to get supper going. I know that once I am use to this all will be fine but right now it’s difficult.

This morning I drove like a pro. I got to each stop on time, I remembered all the rules and regs and I got back home before my wee ones mama was here. All good. I leave now in an hour to get ready to do it all over again but at least when I get home there’s a chicken/rice hot dish in the crockpot and wild berry muffins for dessert. We have snow/rain most of today and it’s near freezing so not positive how the roads will be but I’ll be careful and get everyone home, hopefully in a reasonable amount of time.

Today is Wednesday and this week has flown by so fast. I don’t have much time for anything right now but I want you to know that I have most of your updates sent to my in-box so I am reading, I just haven’t had time to comment but I will catch up, just not sure when yet. This has not been the week for exercise other then building, shoveling and carrying wood and not quite sure where that will fit in right now but I’ll get that figured out one day. I don’t even know how long I’ll be driving 2 times a day because the sub is having gallbladder surgery and he’s 65+ years old so not sure how long it’ll take to heal. I am figuring through Christmas vacation and then after the first of the year we’ll see.

So there you have it my friends. Why I haven’t been around much and won’t be for a little bit more. My challenges end on Sunday and I’m just not sure about the dress yet and the Sweet Tooth Challenge, well I’m not perfect though I am watching what I’m eating. I had a cookie yesterday and frozen yogurt on Sunday. I’ll try and get my last update did and done this weekend. I am taking my mama and daddy to the cities to see mama’s sister and then to go out for a great dinner. But sometime in all this stuff I will take time to be with me and to get things taken care of. When ??? We’ll see.

Thank you all so much for your love and support. I so needed it and you were there, thank you!!! Now time to get the dishes done, the laundry out of the dryer, dry socks on and get my butt out the door as soon as Brenda comes. Take care my friends. Blessings to you all!!!


Caron said...

I'm so glad it has worked out for you to drive the bus. How great is it that the kids know you already and like you. That is so cool.

I hope things settle down and you get the help you need. For sure, count all that coal shoveling as exercise. Whew!

Maren said...

I'm so very happy for you! I would have loved to have you as my bus driver when I went to school. I had the crankiest old man, although he mellowed after we gave him Christmas cookies. ;)

Betty said...

Wow! You sound like wonder woman to me. How do you manage it all??! Congrats to doing such a great job. Sounds like you are going to be a great bus driver.
But remember one thing Julie. Don´t be so hard on yourself. If you can´t do it all, it´s ok. You are only human and somewhere you have to draw the line. Usually it´s the blog that has to stand back for a while. And that´s ok. Your family is more important right now and you should get used the new schedule in no time.
I wish you the best and many blessings in your new work!!

Angela Pea said...

Wheels On the Bus! :)

My crockpot is my best friend.

My second best friend is the timer on the oven that will turn the oven on at a certain time, then turn itself off. I can put a made up, frozen meatloaf/casserole whatever in the oven when I leave in the morning, and it's ready to eat at dinner time when we all get home. If something runs amuk, I know that the oven shut itself off and dinner will be waiting whenever we get there.

My third best friend is the deep freezer. I make up meals and/or meal fixings ahead of time - just thaw in the fridge and whoever gets home first can start dinner. One of the smartest things I ever did was teach all of the kids how to cook.

Do good tomorrow on your routes!

EmptyNester said...

Congratulations! I just don't see how you do it. I am in constant awe of you! Still working on your scarf- I forgot how to do one stitch on one of the rows and had to rip it all out and start over again! Silly me.

lv2 said...

All that work counts as exercise and even some strength work. Time .....sounds like you manage 27 hours worth of stuff in a day. I'd have been happy to have had you for my kids bus driver. Take care of yourself.

Nanetter said...

sounds great! i'm so excited for you! You'll get more comfortable as the job picks up. :)

i can't imagine how much work all that coal stuff is. That's a foreign concept to me. I'm so impressed that you get all of that taken care of. it's really a lot of physical exercise. So count that!

Keep on trucking.... no.. bussing. Yes. Keep bussin'!

Michele said...

So, happy to know that you passed your bus test!! Congratulations! I am so proud of you. Great to read that you are getting the knack of your route, too.

You are one busy woman. I think you need a clone! Wow! I was exhausted just reading about all that you have done. That coal crib looks to pretty to hold a ton or more of coal. Nice work.

Our snow is all gone...have a great rest of your week! michele

Fatoutofskinny said...

Congrats on passing your test, I'm sure that when you become an old pro at driving and you get into your routine things will settle down.

Of One Heart said...

What an update! It had me anxiously waiting to breathe for a while. Take care of you!

Debby said...

Now thats a lot of shoveling!!! Great upper body workout!!!!
And so proud of you!!! You worked hard, and you knew your 'stuff'. and then Calling on Him when you were nervous to calm your nerves!! I think thats awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

What a workout! I always enjoy the glimpses into your daily life, it always seems so neat to me. Simple and crisp and refreshing and... how it's supposed to be? No wonder why that's how you come across as a blogger and supporter with your comments. I can't explain it. This energy and positivity always comes through from you. I'd love to adopt you as a real life friend to go have coffee with. You're just too cool. Happy Holidays! :)

Baby Sister said...

Your life is certainly busy, that's for sure. Just keep taking it one day at a time and try not to bit off more than you can chew in your days. I hope you get some you time soon, friend!!