Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Are you ready?

I am about as ready for this part of Christmas as I can be this year. I have all the daycare goodies taken care of. I have my families finished up and wrapped and I made my aunt these for her family. When we went to the cities on Saturday I wore my scarf that I had made and liked and Pat more then liked it, she loved it so I gave it to her and she wanted me to make 10 for her family. We went shopping for some supplies and between what we got together and what I had here I was able to make her 17 of them so she had some for gifts and some for herself. She received them yesterday and said she loves them all so a task well done.


This will be my last full week of driving  bus for now. The man I’m subbing for will be back on the 3rd so I’ll work on subbing for others and activities. I am on the list for a full time position and it can happen anywhere’s from now to a couple of years. I don’t mind because I really want to keep my daycare too so if I can just get enough runs in to help make a living I’m happy.

Life here has been busy. I always thought I was busy before but add driving bus 6+ hours a day on top of my other stuff, well now busy is an understatement. Of course it’s what keeps me going so I’m not about to complain any and next week will be a lazy week with just daycare and only 2-4 kids each day.

I haven’t even been to the gym since the 12th but will go on Saturday morning and next week when life is back to normal. I am sure I’m getting some of my cubby back. The scale says no but I can feel things are not as tight as they were and they weren’t that tight before. I’ve been working on ideas and thoughts on what I want to get down in 2012 but first I need to reflect on 2011 which really, truly was a great year. Like everyone it had it’s ups and downs but I am feeling pretty darn good about what I’ve been able to achieve. I’ll share my thoughts, ideas and what not some time next week.

Well I’m off in just a few minutes. Mike has been off part of this week (he got laid off last week) but goes to work tomorrow but it has been such a treat having him here. He’s been watching Joss for me and she just adores him.


I’ll try and be back soon. I am sorry I haven’t visited to much but like I’ve said before most of you come to my in-box so at least I am able to keep up on what’s going on. I’ll be better at supporting and commenting and so on when I find a few more hours in my day or at least when things slow down a bit.

Take care and have a blessed hump day. Only one day of school left for my kids and then our Christmas party. YEAH!!! Can’t wait to just spend time with my wee ones laughing, playing and enjoying them.

Blessings my friends.


Maren said...

Oh my, that last picture looked so adorable. Regular kodak moment. :)

I'm glad you're well and keeping busy! Looking forward to your post on 2011 :)

Take care!

lv2 said...

Cute picture. I've still got a few things to get and a bunch to wrap...just got the wrap out tonight and will probably due most of this on friday. Have a good weekend.

Jordan said...

Merry Christmas to you all! Maybe you're burning a lot of calories with all the running around you do! But seriously, I enjoy reading your blog because you're always so positive - I'm glad that this past year has been good for you.

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

Great pic.... Merry CHristmas...

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Julie. That photo is lovely. There aren't often moments like that.

Angela Pea said...


Merry Christmas, my Friend!

First, the red dress is FABULOUS! Look at you - it fits! I'm so proud of you and all your hard work.

Second, yes, its' been a fabulous year. We've had some serious downs here (job worries, losing friends to cancer, illness) but the ups have far outweighed the downs. We're healthy and happy. Our kids are growing up and gearing up for life as self supporting adults. Life is good.

Third - LOVE the scarves! Fun Fur is such a blast to work with, isn't it? I have two scarves to finish up before Saturday evening for some young friends of mine. I'm using Kidsilk, a super duper fuzzy lace weight angora/silk blend. Makes a spiffy neck warmer.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

Jo said...

Hey Julie, I added a follow by email gadget. Come over and see if it's what you meant. Maybe try it out.

Shawn said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Girl, you look fantastic in your red dress ( jeans look great too), your hard work this last year is very apparent!

Betty said...

I can´t believe you still had time to hand make gifts too. You´re really incredible. They look great!
Hope you enjoy your time with family this Christmas and wish you many blessings!!

upinthecosmos said...

man, how do people whip out so many knitting projects like that?? I tried to take up knitting but I didn't even finish one scarf! I'll have to give it another go sometime:-)

Thanks for suggesting the follow by email gadget, I have added one to my blog now. I didn't realize I could cause all those gadget things confuse me and I don't look to see what's offered. I just figured followers of my blog would see updates in their blogroll or whatever. Anywho... it's there now:-)

Baby Sister said...

Yes, very busy you are. I hope it eases up soon so you can enjoy your Christmas break!!

EmptyNester said...

I'm telling you girl, the pioneer women had nothing on you! You could put them to shame and they were HARD workers! LOL Seriously, I'm in awe of you every single day!