Friday, December 30, 2011


It was 1988 the last time I was on ice-skates. We were working with Disney On Ice traveling the USA and the skaters we were guarding and traveling with tried to teach me to skate. It was sorta like teaching a dog to climb a tree but I did learn how to move frontwards and backwards and you know something else, after all these years I strapped on a pair of skates and didn’t fall plus was able to teach 3 of my wee ones how to move a bit.

Yesterday I took Rachel, Abby and Anton ice-skate at our local fitness center. We had a blast for 3 hours. Froze our feet and fingers and laughed the whole time.



 100_8463  100_8457

100_8456   100_8461

Love these guys!!!


Another bit of news….And for me a mom of an only child…it’s great news but heartbreaking too. Mike has picked a college, gotten all the paperwork done, has set a start date and will be 1000 miles away from home. Before my 50th birthday, our 32nd anniversary, the end of E2E challenge Mike will be heading to Laramie Wyoming. I am so very proud of Mike, beyond any words I am. I can’t imagine life here without him either. Tons and tons of mothers have gone through this, I know and they’ve lived, I know that too however this is me and I’m not everyone else and I am going to find this one of the toughest 4 months ever. I will not let Mike know just how much this effects me because I only want him to see just how proud of him I am. He knows how sad it makes me but he does know I know how important this is to him and I will support him every single way possible.

I just wanted to share.

Take care everyone and have a blessed weekend.


Debby said...

I have NEVER been on ice skates! Looks like the kids had a blast.
And prayers for you and Mike!! Seperation can be hard. BUT, when my daughter was far away in the wild west (well Ohio) I kept saying to myself. God didnt intend for me to keep her home forever. He asked us to raise them for Him, and then allow them to be adults.
You will survive, with love and prayers!!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

You are an angel mom! I can't imagine how hard that will be for you but I hope you will be comforted and feel more joy for him! Love the iceskating pics! I'm such a chicken to go... but you are so brave and awesome! You inspire me girl!!

Happy New Year!

Maren said...

I've never skated in my life, which is ironic I guess since I live in a very icy country. ;)

I'm very happy for your son - getting an education is so important. It will be hard for you no doubt, but trust me.. you're his mother and he'll always be coming back to you. ;) I've lived far away from my parents since I was 17, but it actually made us even closer. :)

Betty said...

Awe, I know exactly how you feel. Five years ago my daughter left for Canada to go to college there. It took two years till we saw each other again and it was a tough time. What helped me was to "give" your child to Christ. Each day. HE is the one who will protect him and if you trust in the Lord He will make it well. I´ll be thinking of you!

Loved the ice skating pics. Looks like the kids had a ball.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Ice skating sounds fun, Julie. Nick has been wanting us to go. I can't stand up on skate I don't think but we are going to try it some time for him.

Hugs to you for your empty nesting. I understand how you feel. One of my daughters moved far away when she got married but thankfully they are back now with the kids. Mike will be home again, dear. He loves you. :)

EmptyNester said...

I've never had the nerve to be on a pair of ice skates. But I do know how it feels to have that nest be totally empty. I'm here for you friend! You can cry on my shoulder any time. Heck, we can cry together. And laugh. And talk about how we remember when with our kids.

It won't be easy. But you're doing the right thing by keeping it about him. Because it is about them, not us. We raised them for this very kind of thing. Unfortunately, we did a really good job. :)

Hugs to you my wonderful friend! Hope he's still home by the time I finally finish and send his knitted item! WAIT! Just tell him he can't go until I send it- and then I'll slow way down. LOL

Michele said...

You are facing one of the hardest challenges we have as a parent: giving your child, the young man that Mike has become, wings. It is hard, very hard to let them go and so far. You will miss him terribly, but, you will continue to be so very proud of him. How truly wonderful that he is chosing college now. You know I am an educator. I firmly believe you can never go wrong with education. Education is power.

Skating!! So, proud of you. Be careful though. I fell today right on my butt and hard. Boy, am I sore. Happy New Year, Julie! Michele

Caron said...

I think it is a lot easier for us than it was for our parents in being apart. When we lived in Alaska and Vermont and California and the parents were in Georgia, we communicated by snail mail and the occasional expensive telephone call. Now, you can text, email, and call instantly. I love that!

Kim said...

It will be ok (smile)

Anonymous said...

If I were ever on ice skates, I would surely break every bone in my body! Go, you! :)

Baby Sister said...

Ice skating is so much fun!! Looks like you had a blast. That's awesome for Mike. :) Sad for you, though. At least you'll have weekends and holidays. :)

Of One Heart said...

Julie, I'll try to be here for you more. I hope that helps a bit.