Saturday, December 3, 2011

CDCC Update..2nd to last one..and…

CHALLENGE!  September 11 through December 18... That's 14 Weeks to a Smaller Holiday Dress Size!


Well I think this is the first week of any challenge I blew it. Not a little bit but a good chunk of it. Now I didn’t eat sugar except for one evening but the food I put away this week would make a healthy man full. I don’t know why so hungry except I had a cold and wasn’t exercising and just sorta laying around and ate all the time. I can’t even say it was all good for me, it was a mixture of good for me and a few to many carbs. The scale shows it with the pound I lost last week back so back at 178.4. Remember the old myth, feed a cold, starve a fever? Well I fed the cold really well. It’s a new week and I’ll be back to exercising at 5:30 M,T,T,F and back to logging my food. It’s good to take time off once in awhile too but I am sure they didn’t mean eat the cupboards bare and then make more. Oh well, it doesn’t happen ever so guess I’ll just learn from it and move on.

Now for the Sweet Tooth Challenge, minus one day I kept away from anything that had extra sugar in it. No candies, no cookies, no treats except for the night that Kim and I went out to Girls Night Out. I indulged some that evening but I have to report that because I knew I was going to and I knew it was just that night I didn’t have any issues getting back like I was suppose. Like I said this week was not a stellar week for me but I’m not perfect, never going to be but will learn and keep going.

I so want to order the book I told you about. It’s not to expensive but right now anything is too expensive. I will order hopefully soon. So that means no real book reading though I have been spending a lot of time reading up on what I’d like to do next.

So for the rest of the CDCC I read and commented at least once on everyone's blog and more. I kicked butt (like I expect you to do to me this week), I supported and I praised (oh so many of you are doing so amazing). I am so proud of everything, no matter good, bad or the middle because you’re still here, you’re still working on getting to be the best that you can be. We are all learning, we are all getting there, even on the bad weeks you learned something, you learned that you can do better, you can kick butt next week, you can do this.

I got my body shaper (or whatever that thing is called that suppose to help smooth the lumps and bumps. I haven’t tried it on yet, today was a busy day, tomorrow will be too but maybe on Monday. It’s two weeks to the end of the CDCC Challenge and then the dress goes on. Will it fit? Will it even go over my head? Will I be able to pull it down over my fat tummy? We’ll see, you’ll see because no matter how it fits I will share with you because you my friends have been here through thick and thin for me, you’ve helped me when I’ve asked, you’ve kicked my butt when I’ve needed it, you’ve listen to me complain, you just been the best blog friends a person could ever have. I so appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you so much.

Now off to post this and see how the rest of you are doing plus my other friends that aren’t in this challenge but maybe doing their own thing, or another challenge or more.

Take care my friends and do have a blessed weekend. Good luck on our second to last week.

Have to leave you with this pictures….It’s Bobby, the monster kitty, watching TV. 



Jillian said...

There is actually a saying that says "Feed a cold, starve a fever?" Oh great. Just what I need. Something to validate me stuffing my face everytime I have a runny nose. ha.

I hope that you're feeling better! I'm not going to kick your butt for the gain--you were sick, and you have a solid plan for getting back on track. I hope that you earn an awesome loss this week!

deanna said...

Glad you are feeling better, and I know you will have a great week this week.

btw, congrats on such a good week on the sweet challenge. :)

Shawn said...

Hi friend!
I had quite a bit of catching up to do with your blog, I grabbed a cup of coffee and read through your posts!
Sounds like life is treating you well and you are still committed to your challenges..Good Work! You are very brave starting the Sweet Tooth Challenge during the Holiday's..that takes more will power than I care to muster up!!

BTW, I have been too busy to blog...hopefully I can get back in the swing of things!

Maren said...

I think that going out like you did and enjoying good food and company is a good thing. Like you said you could just get back on track after it, and that is even better! That's usually the hardest part.


S said...

It's so positive that you can acknowledge that not every day will fit the plan. I think that it's part of making realistic and sustainable changes. And knowing that 6 days forward and 1 back still means you're ahead!

Betty said...

Sorry you had a bad week. But you know what? It´s makes you more human to me. haha just kidding. I too, didn´t do too well and my scale gave me a kick in the butt for it. So it´s back to taking "it" more seriously this week. We are going to go out strong in this challenge! Have a good week Julie. Bless you and thank you for your supporting comments!!

Jo said...

When we have a cold our food doesn't taste right, either. I always want something, but it doesn't taste right, so I get something else, and it doesn't taste right, either, and on and on. Move ahead, move on.

Debby said...

So glad youre feeling better!! Nothing worse that wanting to do something but you just cant, cause your body feels horrible!! That sweet Tooth Challenge can be hard!! BUT, such accountability! My son was eating icecream today and he offered me a bite, I openned my mouth and all the sudden remembered NO!!
Get back in the gym and youll feel better!!

Nanette said...

hon! you are so fantastic when it comes to commenting and keeping tabs on people. It's great!

I freaking love my body shaper. It made a full size difference when I was shopping for my recital gown.

Michele said...

I keep sliced apples and carrots at the ready for when I am hungry and wanting a snack. It works most of the time.

I have had a cold and a dumb cough all week. Must be MN weather. Have a great week, Julie! Michele

Baby Sister said...

You're allowed to have bad days/weeks, everyone does. The important thing is to forget them and move on, and it sounds like that's what you're doing.

Lol. That cat picture is awesome. :)

Denise said...

Sorry this week wasn't as good, but it sounds like you are on the right track. Next week will be better.

Of One Heart said...

That dress will fit. That, I know.

upinthecosmos said...

You may not have stuck to thing but you are still doing wonderfully! Great attitude & all:-). Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog & provide some encouraging words, they're so appreciated:-)