Friday, December 9, 2011

This week….Oh it’s long, sorry!

I have been terrible at posting and visiting and commenting, I’m sorry. I’ve made my rounds but not as much as I’d like to but it has been one of those weeks. I am normally a busy person anyways but this week topped it. Monday started off with exercising at 5 and that is a 4 day a week thing. Then I drove bus at 9:00 which took a few hours of training but my last training until I take my test Tuesday. Wednesday was house work, laundry and working out in the garage getting ready to move the wood, building a coal bin and more. Thursday I started working on the 4 cords of wood that needed moving. To give you an idea how much 4 cords of wood is, take your normal size bathroom and fill it from all to wall from floor to ceiling and that is about 4 cords of wood. That evening I helped start building the coal crib. Yesterday I finished the wood and last night we finished the east end of the coal bin and now today will bring home 4 tons of coal. In-between that of course is my daycare from 7am-6pm. Oh on Wednesday I took daddy to Christmas in the park for Christmas music, bon-fire and fireworks. I have pictures to share in just a few minutes. Last night I had mama and daddy over for dinner. We had lasagna, garlic bread, a huge mixed green salad and frozen yogurt, I try to at least once a week either fix them a meal or invited them over. It’s a great chance to just sit and visit. So you see why I haven’t had time to stop by and visit. I’ll try this weekend to take some extra time to visit you and see how you’re all doing. Other then spending the morning on Saturday cutting wood at my daddy’s I don’t think anything big is planned except of course finishing the coal crib and unloading by shovel the coal. We don’t have anything fancy like a dump box or conveyer so it’ll be one scoop at a time. At least it won’t just be me because we all are off this weekend. Oh I forgot to tell you, Wednesday after the Christmas in the park my suburban died. It wouldn’t start nothing. So I fiddled with it and finally got it running but it didn’t make it home. We got to the next town (after standing outside in a Minnesota's winter evening, it’s a good thing we know how to dress) and it died again. This time I called the mechanic and asked him what to do because I couldn’t come up with anymore fixes. He told me the catalytic convertor was plugged so try and take that off. Now remind you we are out in the street, it’s 9:30 at night and it’s not summer time. Plus this is Minnesota and they like to use lots and lots of salt on the roads so that means everything is rusted on. We did get the clamps off by breaking them off but that thing wouldn’t budge it was so rusted on there. So we let it cool down, the mechanic said it would lose it’s plug when it cools down though will come back once it’s hot again so we waited and then it started one last time and I drove home like a bat out of hell so that if it did die again at least we could coast a good distants. We made it within 2 miles of home and my uncle came and towed me the rest of the way home. I love my suburban’s but I have to tell you I wasn’t giving it any love that night. But it’s Friday night and I have to run to town and pick up the last of the lumber and pick up some cold medicine for Mike. Yep, he got my cold and is miserable but he’s working. Oh I almost forgot to tell you…guess the pictures have to wait a little longer…Mike got offered a temp for hire job. That means a normal everyday 8:00-4:30 M-F job. Of course being a temp it’s a 90 thing before they hire him outright but it’s a regular job. It’s at Crowwing County Recycling center and it’s nothing glamorous but it’s not behind a desk and the pay isn’t terrible. He’s mostly outside but can be in to warm up. This is not the garbage part of recycling it’s the metals. Cans, aluminum, copper, steel and that type of stuff. Not a permanent for the rest of his life job but one that he can start to get ahead with and also figure out what he might want later on in life. Also the place he was working at in McGregor offered him full time starting in March thru November so if this once isn’t perfect he has one he does love waiting for him. YEAH!!! Praise the Lord!!!

Okay I think I’m done, I’m sorry I was long winded today. I just had tons to share and also this blog is my memory book so I can look back and see what was what and when. I hope that you all have had a great week. That today is the best day ever and that you are all enjoying this holiday season. I’m starting to and today am bringing out the Christmas music. It’s time!!

Take care my friends and now see what our Christmas in the Park was like. Have a blessed and awesome day.





Thanks everyone for being patient with me. I’ll be by to visit soon. Blessings my friends!!!


Betty said...

4 cords of wood sounds like a LOT of wood!! You really don´t need any exercise after that.
How nice of you to make dinner for your parents once a week. I don´t have the energy for that, because cooking is not my favorite thing to do... :)
I´m so glad Mike got offered a different job. Day work is so much better for the family.
Have a good weekend Julie! I´ll be visiting again when you post your weigh in.

Caron said...

Agree that you've had plenty of exercise moving all that wood. I love reading your blog. :)

Baby Sister said...

My word you've been busy. Hopefully you'll get a little bit of rest after the coal crib is built. I hope your car starts behaving soon too. Congrats to Mike on his job!! That's awesome. :) I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Of One Heart said...

I'm so very happy about Mike's job! That's fantastically fabulous! :) :)

Julie, you're an awesome daughter. You inspire me.

p.s. Now that I read this, I know you've been busy and not plain pissed off with me! Enjoy the Christmas spirit, friend!

Jillian said...

Wow, you've been one busy lady! I'll probably be kind of absent for the next week as well, but I'm still reading and pulling for you. I definitely have a long way to go still! But I'm not quitting, and I'm glad you aren't either.