Friday, December 30, 2011

Eve to Easter Challenge

14 weeks to work on toning my body, losing the last few pounds and to begin to become the runner I want to be. I really, really want to become a runner.  Now last year I started running and until I got hurt I was doing pretty decent but now I haven’t really done any running since October so I’m going to start over and see where I am and work from there.
Also another super cool thing about this challenge, it ends 2 weeks before my 50th birthday and my 32nd anniversary. How cool would it be to be in the best shape of my life before I’m 1/2 through my life? You know I plan on living to be 101 years old. Also my first 5K for the year is in April or 1st week in May. I am going to run the full race and have a better time then my 32:48 (which was a terrific time last year but something to do better this coming year).
This challenge has some requirements I’ll list each one with my responses.
The first one is two blog twice a week on the challenge. One to be linked to the challenge and one to just tell you how it’s going and what’s I’ve learned or done towards my goal. I love to be accountable, to have and to read what others are doing and what they have to teach me each week and me to teach them.
The second is my weigh in and a measurements. I’m not ready to share my measurements so I’m going to add my bust, waist, hips, arms and legs together as one measurement and will post a total number each month of what I’ve lost. However you’ll get a weekly weigh in though I’m not going to be trying to lose weight I’m trying to tone up and become a runner.

Here’s my weight…. 100_8450    
Here’s my total measurement….166” from bust, waist, hips, arms and thighs. A little more then I expected but gotta start some where's. Mir insists I put my waist measurement, I hate sharing don't know how much I hate sharing it. But rules are rules...39".
The third is a list of what I want to accomplish in exercise, calories, fluids. I am going to start working to become a runner. I have the information from Brads 5K in 100 days and will also use the C25K program from my itouch. Mike also bought me a nikeplus that keeps a running tally of my speed and distants.

I’m going to keep my calorie intake under 1500 calories and my fluids at 100+ oz a day. I started back at the gym this week and my goal will be 3 days a week there and 2 days of week out here. 3 days of cardio and weight training at the gym and 2 days of running out here. It’s winter time here so it may be more fast walking then running for now but with the yaktrax’s that Michele sent me last year I can get out no matter the weather.
The forth is an item of clothing I’d like to fit into. I found on clearance a beautiful swimming suit. Well really the top. The bottom was a mismatch but for now I’ll use the both as my clothing item.
The fifth a picture in said clothing but for me it doesn’t go on yet so that won’t work, yet. Here’s the picture. It says it’s a size 14 but I’m sure that’s for a midget because I’m wearing 14 now and this is way on the tight side. But by April, look out Jim, here I come again.
100_8451 100_8453
The sixth must link up every Sunday for all 14 weeks. Because I never know what my weekends will bring I do my weekly post on Fridays and link up as soon as Mir has the linky up.
The seventh stop by and visit and support at least 3 fellow challenge buddies and our own personal challenge buddy. My goal is too check in with everyone of my fellow challengers once a week and I will enjoy having a personal buddy.
The eighth, a quote that means something to me, something that will make me think each week. "If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don't spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it."
-Priscilla Welch

The ninth is a book or books that will in help my journey the next 14 weeks. I have three that I’ll be using during this 14 week challenge.
12-11 065 12-11 066 12-11 067
The first one is for me to figure out where I am in life. This is sorta like a guide to help me into the second half of my life. The other two are pretty self explanatory, at least so far. I got them from Mir for our last challenge, our Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge.
And the last rule, NO QUITTING!!! I’m not a quitter so I’ll be here from beginning to end.
So there is my first post about our challenge, my goals and what I intend to do to get to where I want to be.
We all can do this. It’s so important to do this for you, for me. I need this and I know it. How about you? You can do this, I know you can….I have the utmost faith in all of you. Let’s get to work and become the person we want to be.
Take care my friend. Blessings to you all!!
P.S. If anyone has a bodybugg or any one of those armband type of devices they do not use I would be interested in buying it from you for a fair price. Or can anyone tell me how well they work and are they worth $200.00?
Oh everyone, I just got my challenge buddy. Meet Casey. I can't wait to learn from her. YEAH!!! I am excited.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great first post, Julie. I know you will do well. I'm proud of you for taking on the running. It is something I wish I could do. I prefer hiking and walking though and taking it a little easier on my joints. I wish you the very best and I am sure you will reach your goal. Love the swimsuit. It is very feminine and pretty.

Betty said...

You can do it girl! I admire you for wanting to run. It´s just too hard on my joints but I will be cheering you on!

S said...

Right on Julie

Jo said...

I want to be a runner, too, and I wish we could be buddies. I'm looking forward to working hard on this challenge, and hoping to give a lot of support.

EmptyNester said...

I'm working on running too. But I blew my knee out. Or something. So I'm just walking right now- in pain. Darn knee.

I think I'm going to join another challenge too. They seem to be working good for me! And that is thanks to YOU!

Princess Dieter said...

Love the post. Stole the tape measure image for my use. HAH. Glad the books come in handy.

But gal, put in the waist measure. JUST the waist. Don't gotta do the tatas. ; )

You're at a good weight. I've seen how you've progressed. You'll be at a better weight. And I pray running is great for you and your joints are strong!!! :)

Your buddy is Casey. Stay in touch!

Maren said...

I will be following you through this Julie, you can absolutely succeed - in fact I know you will!!

Casey said...

Yeah, we're buddys!
I am looking forward to these 14 weeks, a little bit terrified too, to be honest!
I love that you want to be a runner, I have total faith in you! You'll do it.
I'm also going to start the C25K program again. It worked once, it'll work again!
Good luck Julie!

upinthecosmos said...

I hope the running goes better for you this time around. I'm gonna try my hand, or feet I should say, at running:-). I have a 5k on 1/1 & I'll be walking it but I hope to be running them by the end of the year (or in a 100 days if I succeed with Brad's program)!

Baby Sister said...

Good luck with your goal, Julie!! I'm sure you'll do great!!

Of One Heart said...

39" ain't bad AT ALL. You have no idea of how impressive that number is going be when you finish!