Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just a short sharing….

Today I let Joss paint. First I painted her and the she painted her craft, the table, her and more but she had a blast and her mama loved her projects. Here’s what she made today.


100_8338 100_8339

A handprint Christmas tree and bells made out of egg cartons. She loved the painting and it really was fun working with her. This is our first real craft. We’ve done other little things but nothing like this. I think she’s ready to make lots of different things. YEAH!!! I love a crafting little one.

I am hoping to find time tomorrow to try on my dress because I don’t want Jim to see me in it until Christmas so that means I can’t do it on the weekend. Maybe more sharing if possible.

Take care my friends and TGIF tomorrow. It’s been one of my most stressful weeks ever and I really could stand a short recess before a new week begins. Still got stuff happening this weekend but it’ll be nice to head to the cities see mama’s sister and visit and just maybe do a bit of bead shopping. A thrift store on the way home would be cool too. We’ll just see.

Blessings my friends!!


Diandra said...

She is really cute, and rather enthusiastic about the paint, it seems. ^^

(My younger sister sometimes makes edible putty with her daughter - they enjoy it, she gets every color she wants to, and if she puts some in her mouth, it is not all that bad.)

(In fact, I have heard, sometimes the daughter asks for fresh putty simply to eat it.)

Maren said...

Creativity is so important for the small ones.. In teacher's practice I've spent a lot of time tying different subjects to the more creative things you can do. Why just READ about bridges, why not make one? And so it goes on. :) Great stuff!

Have a wonderful weekend dear Julie!

Caron said...

This sure does bring back memories of my girls and crafting. I'll admit we didn't start that early but it was an important part of their lives all through school. I hope your dress fits perfectly. :)

lv2 said...

I love the xmas tree hands....i still have my boys....they think I'm crazy to have saved so many of the things they made but the memories are so good to me. Her mother will love you for all these things you have had her make.

Of One Heart said...

She looks like she's loving the crafting. :)

Enjoy your weekend, Julie!

Stormy@Big Butt Theory said...

I love the tree and I know her mom will also.

Baby Sister said...

That tree is adorable!! What a cute idea. :) I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!