Saturday, October 15, 2011

Well my blog says NOT, but learning…and updates…

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So here I am trying to figure out what to do for exercise. Since there’s no running, fast walking, elliptical, hiking, biking, squats, lunges, vertical sit-ups, leg presses, and a few other exercises that will use the calf muscles I need to figure out a new exercise routine. I’ve been wanting to change up my routine a bit to work on my middle for both toning and strengthening and also my bat wings. I just didn’t plan on doing it this way, but my body has other plans…or at least my left muscles do…so I will, for the next 4 weeks,  take time to learn some new exercises and routines.

For part of this week I was thinking I was a pretty dismal failure. I just couldn’t do what I’ve been doing, I was going to lose all I did do and I’m going to get fat again. A big failure was what I was seeing but ….I’m not, I just need to learn to listen to my body better. When it says it’s done, well then it’s done. I have always pushed and then when I was tired or done I’d push just a bit harder to go just that little bit further. I am figuring out that I can’t do that like I use too. I’m not old and I’m not about to not push but I’ll just learn to listen a bit better to my body.

If anyone has ideas for exercises I’m game. I am still going to go to the gym and use the machines and then I’m going to swim. I’m not to good at the laps but there has to be exercises for the pool. I can’t join any of the classes my gym offers because they are during the day except they have a new class starting next Tuesday and Thursday called Total Toning and I am thinking I just might have to give them a try. At least once to see what I can do. I has a question into the fitness lady at the gym, maybe they can help me too.


Updates to my challenges….


Well the first thing, I had to drop out of Brad’s Learn to run 5K in 100 days. I hated that but since I’m off for the 4 weeks I’ll just either start over or maybe if I don’t lose to much I can start up about where I left off. Brad says don’t fret, just heal and move on. So I’m going too.

For the Christmas Dress Countdown I’m working on keeping my calories near 1200. I’m drinking a gallon of water a day. I’m exercising up until Tuesday of this week and then it was more exercise ball and fish flopping kind but still something. Monday I’ll start back at the gym and learn a new routine of some kind. My book is still next to my bed not being read. I know I’m suppose to but I think I’m going to find something new, something that draws me to it each night. I’ll looking this week and see. I do have a Women’s Health and Wellness book I’ve been reading (it’s for the woman that’s leaving her 40’s and approaching a new point her life. More information then reading but still lots of good thoughts. And the biggest thing, my weigh in for the week. Well it could of been better, it really could of been worse but I’ll take it and run. I am ….. 179.4 lbs. That’s a loss of 1 lb for the week a total of 5.8 for the first month of the challenge.

The last update is for Allan’s Triple D Challenge. The menu is supplied and up until this past week I’ve had to add a little bit here and there because of the intense cardio I was doing but this week I started to follow it day by day (except I’ve repeated a couple of days because I don’t eat tuna and I didn’t have the ingredients for another day). Next week will be the true test of following a plan the way it’s written.

So there’s my updates. Now next week will start a new plan of attack to get rid of the extra I am carrying around. I’ll share as I learn. Wish me luck and if you have thoughts, ideas or anything please share, I’m willing to listen and learn.

Take care my friends and have an awesome weekend. It’s my hubby’s 53rd birthday and I have invited our best friends over for dinner, a few drinks and some wonderful conversation and laughter.

Blessings my friend.


Caron said...

Maybe they have water aerobics at your gym? I've never done it but I have a friend who loves it and very little stress when working in the water I'm told.

I think a 5.8 pound loss in a month is GREAT! And, you're now officially in the 170's. Yep, fabulous. :)

Betty said...

You are so right. We are learning. A pound is a loss and that´s good. Even though you can´t exercise as much you can just watch what you eat a bit more.
5.8 lbs. in one month is an awesome loss!!

Maren said...

I just found your blog, and wanted to leave a comment!

First of all, take a look at your starting picture and your 1st goal met picture. Nothing about those agrees that you are a failure. So keep going! You'll find other ways to exercise that fits you at the moment!

I'm adding you to my blog roll and will be returning :)

All the best,
Maren in Norway

Jo said...

I'm a bit behind in my reading, Julie, so I just found out about your injury. Pay attention to your body and listen to your doctor. You are definitely not a failure. I can see that you have a Plan B for your exercising, and I think you will like swimming for a change. You and I can both catch up with Brad's plan later, so maybe again we'll be in the same class.

Maren said...

Thank you SO much for all your lovely comments, I was really touched by it. It feels nice knowing people have your back, it means the world. :)

I've added an e-mail follow-thingy like you suggested, I hadn't even thought of it! :D


Anne H said...

LOVE it!
It's true - it's all about learning...
Learning how to learn, in fact....
And what it's for.
It's not always about what we think it is!
Kinda like hunger is not always about food.

When I first started, I was so tired and out of shape that all I could do was stretching and deep breathing exercises! Every little bit helps.... In fact, we would all be wise to do more deep breathing!

I think you are doing great!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Nice job on calories and water! You'll be up and running in no time! 4 weeks will feel like nothing. Hopefully you'll be able to go for a nice long run after Thanksgiving dinner. :-)

upinthecosmos said...

You are doing great & the fact that you are searching for alternative exercises shows that you are in it to win it!!

Nanette said...

Hey! if you want some water work out tips, email me! This is my 4th semester of aquacise, I should be able to rummage something up from my classes. :)

Also, the exercise ball - there are all sorts of charts online for different exercises. It's so great for core strengthening. It will require a little calf usage. But it will definitely be lower impact.

Anonymous said...

I need to start my book as well. That's the part that keeps getting left behind, so you're not alone. This week, huh? :)

Of One Heart said...

Happy Birthday, Jim! :) Julie, you're thinking all the perfect stuff. Jim and Julie remind me of Jack and Jill. Hmm. Cute!