Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Water exercising…

For 75 minutes of moving my butt in the pool doing laps, weights, jogging, treading and just swimming I used up 679 calories. Not the best compared to what I usually do when at the gym but also not terrible. With my floor exercises for another 40 minutes I’ll be able to add on about 200 more calories (really take off them) so today will work out to 880. So I’ll take it and work on it. No routine yet, just trying different things to see what’s possible.

After doing all that cooking and what not yesterday my calf was swollen, hot and sore last night so I put it up and iced it. I hate taking medicine so I didn’t but I know that I need to so today after my work out I did the same thing, I rested for 10 minutes, iced it and took some IBP. It’s throbbing a bit and my foot is frozen but it’s not as bad as it was so that must mean some improvement. It’s just so slow and driving me nuts but I shouldn’t really fuss about it. I am able to move, I am able to exercise I am able to do most anything, just slower with some discomfort. I’ll live.

So how are you doing on your exercises? Are you logging your food and exercises? Remember even a good walk is great exercise and good for the heart, body and soul. Logging is so important too and I have been lax at that. Even with the menu's we have I know that I need to put all that I eat and taste. BLT’s…nope not bacon, lettuce and tomato…bites, licks and tastes are what gets me with all the baking and canning and cooking I do. It’s hard to send food out the door when I’m not positive it’s palatable so that means a taste here and there. Baking and the drop on my finger, wipe it off..don’t lick it off. That coffee cake crumb, I don’t need to bite that, just brush it off into the garbage.  It takes effort and thought and I’m working on that. It’s best if I’m chewing gum while I do this stuff, since who wants lumpy gum with crumbs in it, not me.

So it’s almost time to head to the library. I can’t remember what we are doing but I remember we were told to dress warm because we’ll be outside for part of the morning and then a craft inside. I’m going to pick up Kim, pick up Miley and then go and play. Then afterwards we are going back to Kim’s for lunch and chatter. Home about 12:30 for nap and my exercise.

Take care my friends. Blessing!!!


Maren said...

Well done on that workout! Be sure to continue taking good care of your foot, would hate to see it last longer than it has to!


Angela Pea said...

Lumpy gum - LOL!! THAT'S funny!!

You're doing great getting in some different exercises while you take care of that injury! Getting older does stink a bit in that it takes so much longer to heal from anything. Ugh...I still have bruises from my mountain bike crash on Labor Day, and that was more than a month ago.

New mantra...IBP is your friend...IBP is your friend! :)

Princess Dieter said...

Yep. Lumpy gum is gross. :D I know exactly how that feels. Ugh.

I haven't been able to walk since we've had some really nasty weather for days and days. Tornado watches/warnings. Power outtages.

I put on our usual anime last night and then just marched, leg-kicked, jogged-in-place right through it, then I danced to some K-Pop with a volleyball to toss around. In the living room. Hey, it was better than sitting on my butt defeated by the rain, right?:)

Happy new day to you as you heal, move and just generally shine around your wonderfulness. Muah.

Michele said...

Looks like you are taking to water like a fish!!

Today I went with three of the babies (I call them babies even though they are 2, 6, 8) on a slow ride along our cabin roads. We picked up a huge bag of garbage along the way. So, that was not much exercise, but this morning I got in a quick ride around the lakes.

BTW: The costumes I am making are just wizard capes. I will send pics when I finish. I am making them from scratch pretty much. No patterns. I have a family of GBs who all are in love with Harry Potter books right now.

Have a great rest of the week, julie! Michele

Nanette said...

I'm glad you're getting your swimming in! Even if you just do laps with your kickboard, your heart rate will be through the roof and your body will be kicking out some awesome endorphins!

Keep it up lady! I'm emailing my prof for some more tips/workouts. :)

Of One Heart said...

Wiping it off sounds tough. Lumpy gum! Haha- you're honestly cute! Rest the muscle, please. And sit, if you can't sleep, that is.