Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good evening….

So my day is done. Well really there’s laundry in the dryer and dishes in the dishwasher and eggs in the bucket that need cleaning but I’m toast and think other then the eggs the rest will wait for another day. My leg is still screaming so I am not going swimming tomorrow and not exercising either. I will work on some upper and crunches and planks but otherwise I’m not pushing it. It’s hard to explain the pain but it just hurts so I’ll rest and try it all over again on Monday. I do know that not getting in the exercise I’m use to has made me feel a bit like a slug. I am working out some just not as intense as I was and it’s really different. I am hoping I don’t get use to this and when it’s time to hit it again I will want to get back at it. I do miss it so.

Today the kids and I did lots. We started out with homemade waffles, then we carved a pumpkin, we took it to great grandma’s, we visited with 4 new baby goats, we walked to grandma’s and played with the cats and visited, we made homemade pizza for lunch, we played and climbed trees while Joss napped, we made pumpkin/green tomato cake, we played hide the pumpkin, read tons of stories and watched Tangled. There was coloring, Lego and Lincoln log building and visiting with parents and good bye’s. Another day like today tomorrow. I do enjoy when the school kids are off. I do really enjoy when it’s just Joss and I too. Anyways, here’s few pictures of our day.

 100_8057 100_8058

 100_8059   100_8077


This is the pumpkin we brought to great grandma and this is the little note she slipped on my windshield with some candy for the kids while we were down in the barn.


Here’s the pumpkin we got from our pumpkin mixed with the last of the green tomatoes and the pumpkins seeds I baked up for them kids. The cake turned out awesome and I forgot to take a picture but it’s gone now. The kids and daycare parents ate it and then Mike got home and finished it up. Oh well, they said it was great!!



Now tomorrow I have the same crew and we do have one more pumpkin to do, we are going to town in the afternoon and for the rest of the day, well I’m not sure but I bet we’ll be busy doing something.

Take care my friends and have a blessed evening. TGIF tomorrow, YEAH!!!


Caron said...

"Busy" doesn't do justice to describing your day. Sounds like fun though. :)

EmptyNester said...

Ok. I think I've gotten all caught up with all your posts now! Goodness, you've been busy! As usual...LOL Take care of that calf-don't rush it. You'll be back to normal much quicker if you give it time to heal. Plus, you don't want to injure it more!

I still sit in total awe at you energy level! I bet I couldn't keep up with you for half a day!

Maren said...

What a day! You're like super mom! :D

Be sure to take good care of your foot :)

Baby Sister said...

Oof. Your life sometimes makes me tired. :) That pumpkin is awesome!!

Of One Heart said...

Me, too. Imagining this post had my head spinning. You deserve a year in the spa for free.