Monday, October 10, 2011


Today Mike, Joss and I went for a 9 mile bike ride. We had a great time, Joss loved the ride and we got to have at least one more picnic. Have one little one in daycare is fun. We are able to go and do a bit more. It doesn’t pay the bills but …. well we won’t go there right now.

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Bus driving went great. This was suppose to be my last practice day but we didn’t get to the back up exercises so one more day coming up. I wish things would progress a long just a bit faster but my instructor is also a driver and she has her responsibilities too so we just keep working on her schedule. It’ll happen just slowly.

I hope you all had a great day. Exercise done, work done, scout meeting done, house has still exploded and laundry is still there but tomorrow’s a new day, maybe it’ll get done then, that is after we take 100 kindergartners for fire truck rides. I’ll be sharing tomorrow, you’ll see.

Take care and have a great night sleep. Remember to thank the Lord for all he’s giving and for all he’s forgiven. Blessings my friends!!


Kim said...

Joss has to be one of the cutest and most fun daycare kids ever! Sheesh, I bet she's having a ball having you guys to herself!!!

EmptyNester said...

I adore that picture of Joss and Mike looking at the map! So dang cute!

Hope you get that bus license soon!

Betty said...

100 children?! NOT my kind of thing, but it sounds like you are enjoying it. I hope all goes well.
Loved seeing your pictures.

Baby Sister said...

Joss is adorable. :) Looks like you're having fun!!

Of One Heart said...

Your last line had me sit up and think. I'm taking that back home with me.