Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just busy….

This has been a busy week so far.. Monday Brenda and I went and worked out and worked out hard. Nanette has been getting us some really great water exercises and I have to say after 80-90 minutes in the pool we have used up 7-800 calories and toned muscles that we haven’t used in the gym. Then I went to Kim’s and helped her clean house because this is her son’s confirmation weekend and family is coming. I got home and made some of Debbi’s pumpkin-applesauce. It turned out amazing and the only thing I had to do to change or add to her recipe was 1/2 cup of splenda type sugar because my apples are super tart. Today was another busy day. Joss came at 3:30 am because her mama had meetings in the cities. The 3:30 parts not bad but I hadn’t slept for the past two nights so by time she was here I was already tired and then why go to bed because Mike gets up and needs breakfast at 5:15 and then Jim needs the same at 6:15 and then Joss fell asleep for a couple of hours but had to get her up because today was the day my daddy had some test done at the hospital and I needed to be there for both him and mama. Joss is such a good little girl, she greets and meets everyone with a smile and a little “hi” and it makes everyone smile. She just follows me where ever and my mama took us out for a quick breakfast instead of sitting in the waiting room. Just  2 scrambled egg and a piece of toast which I shared with Joss and then she also ate grandma’s pancake and bacon and a glass of milk. Nothing wrong with her appetite. They took some biopsies of some lumps in my daddy throat and stomach. No, we don’t know anything and I refuse to worry more then I already am so will just wait for the results. Tomorrow daddy is having a cat scan of his trunk and in a week or so we’ll know what’s making him lose so much weight and hate to eat. By time I got him and mama home and settled and Joss home with lunch and a nap I was done. I couldn’t take another minute of anything so laid down on the couch for an hour and slept. Then I canned up the apple sauce, cleaned house and laundry and found time to do 5 planks at 75 seconds each and 30 crunches, nothing else I just can’t. My leg that wasn’t bothering me on Monday is screaming today so I didn’t do anything that would require a stretch on that leg or a pull. Now supper is ready and I’m waiting for Mike to come home and eat. Oh I have a rug cleaner to fix tonight or tomorrow if I can. One of my daycare parents has a really nice industrial carpet cleaner that he lets me borrow a couple times a year but it’s broke and he hasn’t a clue how to fix it and since I was the one that fixed it when he got it of off e-bay he figured I can do it again. Hopefully!!

So there you have the first two days of the week. Tomorrow is Library day at the nursing home for Halloween. That means the kids parade around in costumes and chatter with the residents. I’ve been going for 12 years and it is always a thrill to see the residents watch these little ones. Then it’s after school daycare so I better make a snack when we get home. Rice Krispie bars I think. Maybe orange ones in the shape of pumpkins, if I have enough energy.

Energy I am running short on. I know it’s cuz I’m worried and not sleeping well at night. Worrying isn’t good for anyone but at night when it’s quiet is when my brain kicks in and start chattering. Sometimes about things I can’t do anything about and other times it helps to come up with a solution. I have never been one to handle worry well. I can do stress, I can do emergencies, I can do most anything but worry wipes me out. Oh well hopefully things will all work out on all fronts.

Take care my friends and tomorrow is hump day for some, me I work Saturday so I’ll get excited on Thursday. I hope you’re all doing well on whatever life style changes and journeys' you are on. I have a favor to ask and if you could send a pray out for daddy that they find nothing and that a med will make him feel better I know my family and I would really appreciate it. Also my sister is really in the need of some guidance so please send a prayer up for her too. Thank you my friends. You’ve always been my rock when I’ve needed your help.

Blessings to you all!!


Jill said...

Definitely praying for your Dad and hoping all turns out well!
I understand about worrying..I tend to do the same, but then I tell myself I just have to give it to God and trust in him, sometimes that's all we can do! Get some rest lady, sounds like you've been very busy! I'll have to try out that pumpkin applesauce :-)


Michele said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad. Let's hope everything is a great big NEGATIVE!

You are a busy person. The apple/pumpkin sounds fabulous. I am making pumpkin muffins and cookies tomorrow with the GBS. Love it when they are here.

Stay strong, Julie, while you wait. michele

Baby Sister said...

Prayers for your dad!! Here's hoping everything is okay. :)
I'm glad you got a nap, but make sure to keep resting. I've never had a problem with turning off my head, so I don't know how that is, but try to get some rest.

"KT" said...

Praying for all of your family. Try not to run yourself ragged, okay? Sometimes we can be there so much for everyone else that there's not too much left of us. Hope you get some rejuvenating, restful sleep soon and that they're able to figure out what's troubling/help your Dad really soon!

Maren said...

I hope your dad will be okay! I have an ill father too, and it's awful. Thinking of you!

Angela Pea said...


I'm praying for your Dad, Julie, and for you. Get some rest, Hon!

Shawn said...

I have to take a nap after reading your post! My goodness girl, you have so much energy.
i am sorry about your dad having to go through testing. I will keep him, and your family, in my prayers!

try to get some rest, my friend,

Of One Heart said...

Good Lord, Julie! You're living a crazy busy life. And I was here throwing a pity party for myself. Sorry I don't read on time, friend; but I love you and try hard to catch up. I'm praying. It's going to be a good clear set of days for you. Watch out.