Friday, October 7, 2011

Challenge updates….Week 4, 2 and 6


So it’s Friday and I always do my updates on Friday because I never know for sure what the weekend will hold. It’s never dull here and with winter coming it’s even a bit busier and I work tomorrow at the store. Plus today I get two more 5 gallon buckets of apples so have some more canning to do. Hey, does anyone have a recipe (I know I can Google it too) for apple pie sauce in a jar? You know, the kind with a bit of syrup to make apple pies. Just asking.

So my weight for the week …. drum roll please … 180.4!! (4.8 lbs so far) The scale moved, nothing huge but even though it’s my TOM the scale moved. 2 lbs down and more to come next week.

Eating has been good this week. I like not having to add something extra because of my training. Now I can stick much better to Allan’s Triple D Challenge. Water intake was down just a little, about 3/4 of a gallon, still over what is required but still not quite the gallon plus each day.

I am working on Brad’s 5K in 100 days. I have learned and this part is just total awesome, how to breath. Okay quite laughing I know we all know how to breath, in out, in out. But I’m not panting as bad. I am listening much better. I can feel when it’s time to slow down, catch my breath and go again. Recovery time is 10 seconds or so and that is pretty darn amazing if you ask me. I ran one extra day this week, just to keep the distants going and I was able to run at a 5mph pace for 25 minutes straight, with no resting. So between what Brad’s plan is teaching and the added stuff I am getting to love running. Me … Me love running…now you can laugh!!  Hey, did you read about my race? I am so happy it’s over but oh so happy I did it.

My book is not interesting me at all. I am struggling to read it. I find some of it so far fetched and other points so off the beaten path it’s hard to get into it. BUT….but I am still reading it because I know that I need to live more in the now and not the past or future. So even though this is not my usual thinking I am still going to read and learn and if nothing else I’ll take some insight from the book and find another book a bit closer to my ideas and put them together. First I will read more and see.

So I didn’t quit this week however I did think about it. I did think about just leaving it all behind and skip it and live but I have come to far to chuck it. I have learned to much to not keep learning and that dress is taunting me, telling me there’s no way this fat body is going to fit into that dress so I’m just not going to listen, I’m not quitting, I’m not giving it and I am going to work hard and lose the last bit of this bulk and I am going to fit into that dress. Come hell or high water that dress will fit me one of these days, it will!!! I get so wishy washy during my TOM. Stress brothers me more, people bother me more, heck all I want to do is sleep and ignore it all. Thank God it’s only every three weeks or so and some month whiz by with no problems and other months, well just let me sleep. It’s safer for everyone.

How did you do this week? Did you find yourself wavering here and there, or were you stead fast and strong? You know you can do it, just keep trying, keep working on it, keep pushing yourself. Life isn’t easy, God didn’t promise it would be but he has giving us the will, the determination, the know how to learn to do this, to make us happy and healthy and to learn to love ourselves like he loves us. We can, we will, we have to do this.

Take care my friends and have an awesome weekend. Blessings to you all!!


EmptyNester said...

That's the way to read a book- just take the insights that make sense and seem feasible. Chuck the rest! I'm reading The One Day Way and she's driving me NUTS. She repeats herself through the whole thing. Maybe it's just that I've already arrived at the place she's talking about but seriously, people aren't so stupid that they have to be written to like they were five years old. Anyway, GREAT JOB this week!

Princess Dieter said...

Yay for you! I'll put up the linky later today/tonight, so you can link up your post for CDCC.

It's nice to see you making great progress again. And my philosophy is that if you think you can learn something necessary from a book, skim the nonsense. If you can't, choose another book. Gazillions of books, and not all of them are best for you at this time. There's always another. :)

Happy Friday, sweets!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Golly! This is AWESOME!! I'm proud of you, girl! You talk about every once in three weeks and put my patience levels to shame.

Don't know nothing about how to make the stuff in the jar. I can eat though.

That dress is going to make you look very pretty.

debkhershberger said...

YAE for going down down down!! And can I say I am so jealous!!!! 5.0 for 25!?!?!? You go girl!! So far my PR is 4.7 Keep plugging away! Have a super weekend!!
PS So glad you stuck with it, and didnt give up!! We would all have to come up north and drag your hiney back on track! : )

Caron said...

Awesome weigh in! :)

lv2 said...

Nice job Julie....used to hate bad pms months...the claws would come out and everybody had better get out of my way. Don't let that dress taunt can always put some shapeware under it if you get close...hah bet the dress didn't think of that!

Michele said...

Hi, Julie!
I find most weight loss or getting healthy books dull, too. For one, they are repetitive. Two, they are too long! Life is short!

I checked out Brad’s blog today. I am thinking about joining his next session. I have always wanted to run, but am just scared that I will hurt myself. Your story of running and the fact that you are LOVING it are motivational to me. Plus, well Bard makes times for 12 hours a week of cycling. That is pretty cool in my book.

Naw. Don’t quit. You can do this. It just gets long…. But you can do it.

Have a great weekend! Michele

Betty said...

Yeah!! You are already at my goal weight. That´s so encouraging. I hope you do well next week too.

"KT" said...

Nice loss, yay! And great job with the running- you are a runner now! That is amazing. :) "We can, we will, we have to do this." Going to keep repeating that to myself because it is 1000% true!

Angela Pea said...

Jooooo-Leeee!!! I'm so tickled for your loss! It's all the exercise, right?

Keep going, my friend, you're doing GREAT!!

w0rld4vamps said...

Never give up! Never surrender! I'm glad you're still here! Keep it up! You're doing so well!


Jo said...

Don't you dare quit on me! You are the runner I want to be. I wish I had not had to drop out of the 5K in 100, but this time it was not meant to be. But I WILL do it, maybe the next session. I'm doing it through you this time, girl. Nice loss, too. See, all that moving really pays off. The apple thingy sounds delish, but I'm more of a casserole girl, so no recipes here. Have a great week!

upinthecosmos said...

Sounds like you are in a good place and making great decisions! Great job!!