Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crafting and feeling crappy…

First I don’t know what’s up but I am not myself. My calf is still bothering me and last night I had a charlie horse worse then I ever had in my life and then this morning while walking out to start my son’s car before work I got so light headed I almost fell. Now I have a headache too. It’s just weird because I am not a sick type person and to feel this funky stinks. I didn’t go exercise yesterday or today and I’m missing that but I just can’t right now. I am doing some exercising at home but I know not nearly enough compared to usual. I don’t know if the leg and head are connected or just two different things. I guess if I’m not feeling better tomorrow I’ll have to go to the doctor. UGH!!! Another bill.

But I’m not about to just sit here and vegetate so I’ve been making some string scarves. I made 8 last year for our Christmas craft show and sold them all so I’m doing it again. I made 10 yesterday and today. Here’s what they look like. I know not much to look at but they really are pretty when you wear them with a jacket or a sweater.



My next project will be totes and pouches. I’ve been wanting to sew and craft for a while now and since it’s rainy and yucky outside what better then to do that?!

Oatmeal down, apples on it’s way and the day is moving. I get up with Mike each morning to make sure he’s set for the day and make him some breakfast so my day starts about 5 am. I just can’t see Mike sitting here starting his day without no one to send him off. I know I didn’t like it when I left for the nursing home at 5 without even a good-bye. So the days is onward and upwards (or for that scale, hopefully downwards).

Tonight is my daddy’s show.He’s part of the Geritol Frolics. It is the coolest 55 and older singing and dancing production. I am so proud of my daddy and him doing this. I think this is his 6th year being part of this show. Want to read a bit about it, check out these two sites …

Who we are .... and  Show information ....

I’ll share pictures tomorrow though a person can’t take a picture during the show but I’ll share daddy and his beautiful smile and how handsome he is in his tuxedo.

Take care my friends and I hope that today is a grand and exciting day. Have a blessed one.


Caron said...

Hi Julie. Hope all is well and you don't have any more problems with being dizzy or feeling off.

I love the scarves. I've been crocheting since I was a kid and a few years ago took knitting lessons but never got very fast at it.

Take care. :)

The Ninja said...

the scarves are very cute, I craft a lot for christmas too. This year I'm doing a bunch of fleece loop boa-style scarves, they are easy and fun. Plus kids love em.

Sorry you are feeling off, I know how that can ruin a day.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry you are not feeling good...jsut give in to it and look after you and when you are feeling better you can push on. If you keep the food all good, the lack of exercise will not set you back over a few days.
The scarves you have made are absolutely beautiful
I hope you are feeling better soon.x

Anonymous said...

Love the scarves! Hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. Blessings!

Baby Sister said...

Those are so cute!!

Of One Heart said...

Brilliant work, Julie! They look great. What is with all the pain? I need to read more to know.