Monday, October 3, 2011

1 training day and 1 overview day and test day…

Then I will become a bus driver. Almost there guys. What’s even a bit cooler, I won’t just be an activity driver I am already a sub for the bus route out here where I live. It’s cool to know that. What’s even better, Brenda is looking for part time work and she’s going to take care of my wee one when I drive so I don’t even have to begin to think about ending my daycare. YEAH!!!  I can do both, enjoy both and Brenda can make a bit of money. It’s a win-win.

So today I was at the gym at 5am, driving bus at 9am and daycare at noon. Now I’m fixing the store lunch for tomorrow, they are getting chicken enchiladas and brownies and fresh veggies and dip. Mike wants mac and cheese for supper instead of enchilada which really I don’t blame him but I won’t eat either. A fresh veggie salad for me with chicken and a baked potato. Yep, I know..really I do…that’s three different meals in one day plus daycare breakfast, lunch and snack but it’s what I do and all for $45.00 a week in groceries. It’s possible, mostly.

So onward and downwards. Time to clean out the chicken coop and get the rice hulls in there for winter insulation. It’s still really nice here but after indian summer …. well we know what’s next, that “S” word.

Hey a word of advice, instead of yelling, swearing, have a fit because your spouse or off-spring can’t read your mind, just ask for help. It makes life a whole bunch easier for everyone. We had one of “those” evenings last night and all it took was an ask for help instead of the other. I’m not sure anyone learned a lesson but I know that PMS is wicked when you feel like you’ve been done wrong. Just a small word of advice, ask!

Take care my friends and have an awesome week. A pound or two here and there are an excellent way to end the week of doing exactly what you’re suppose to and you’ll feel so much better for taking care of yourself. Blessings my friends!!


Princess Dieter said...

I think all but one of the few arguments I've had over the last 29 years with hubby, the issue was communication. Not his forte, and of course, I assume i'm communicating PERFECTLY. Hah. Granted, I communicate better than he does, but good communication is key on both sides. After 3 decades, I sometimes just say, "Um, can you repeat what I just said so I can make sure nothing got lost in translation."

He still forgets to give me crucial info and messages--absentminded professor--but thank God I am not afraid to say clearly waht I want/need...cause if I was at all subtle...forget it.

I totally believe in just aSKING. Say it plain. Ask. Clarify. Sometimes, we expect folks to read our minds. We women especially, I think. But that ain't how it works. :D God gave us languages for a reason. ahhahah


Pippa * Jeanne said...

A BUS driver? WOW, RESPECT!! That sounds very difficult and rewarding and exciting all at the same time.

(I agree about PMS - it SUCKS.)

Becca said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love my daycare and don't want to give it up, but just like you the economy is horrible. I have also noticed an increase in more people staying home and trying to start a daycare. I have done this for 5 years now and the thought of having to be done just upsets me like crazy.

I love the idea of driving bus! What a great way to supplement income and still be able to do daycare. I have started looking into evening/graveyard janitor positions in our area that would hire part time, and hope something like that works out. Best of luck on the new adventure!

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Yay!!!!!! Yay, yay, yay!! And the boys are listening like they should. Praise the Lord! I'll ask!

Baby Sister said...

It's true. Asking makes a HUGE difference. I'm having to learn that lesson the hard way with Boyfriend.