Saturday, January 26, 2013

So what happens when you run yourself down?

DUH!!! You get sick. Well mama warned me I was doing to much. Mama said slow down or your going to get sick. Mama said ….. Heck I’m 50 years old and my mama said. Should of listened to her but there is always so much that has to be done that I just kept going and now, well I’m sick. Right now just a horrible cold and I don’t plan on it getting any worse than that. I have taken the past 3 evenings off to do nothing but sit under a blanket and drink my fluids. I did go to work and than disinfected the bus each night. I did go to the gym once in those three days and took it a bit easier on the bike (which I am now up to 60 miles with only 72 left to go next week). I did have daycare with Joss but it was to give her mama a rest because her mama has MS and needs a break but in turn found out Joss has the flu so on top of my cold I’m hoping I don’t get the flu. It’s winter time and I drive a germ wagon (that’s what grandma calls my bus) and I have little ones between so it’s bound to happen. It just means this weekend I’m going to sleep in a bit more and take a nap and do as little as I possible can or have too.

I have something to share with you, MONSTER BOBBY!!! He’s been here before but he’s bored and hates the winter so only spends a tiny bit of time outside otherwise he’s inside terrorizing the dogs or today me.


I was putting the dish towels away and he climbed up into the cupboard and each time I went near he’d try and snag me and eat me. Then…..




I wanted to clip coupons since shopping day is tomorrow and he at the newspaper. I did get the coupons I need from it but some of them are a tad bit shredded.

While Bobby is in here driving me nuts I have this outside the window eating spaghetti noodles I through out for them. All that separates me from the squirrels is a pane of glass. This little red squirrel didn’t care I was standing right there taking his picture or watching him.

100_0718 100_0719


The scale said I lost nothing again this week. That’s two weeks in a row and I’m keeping my calories down, there isn’t any added sugar anywhere’s. I hope it means I’m building back my muscles and they are taking place of the fat. I have noticed my pants are getting back to that better feeling and I have notice, up until my cold kicked in, I have more energy so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and hope that the scale catches up soon. It’s disheartening but I know I’m doing what’s right. I’ve been here, done that so I know that it will get better.

Mike is in Aspen this weekend. It’s so cool to say that. Anyways, his school took a bunch of kids for $50.00 for the weekend to the X-Games. I am hoping it will help Mike loosen up a bit and relax. He’s been so uptight about his new phase in welding. Welding is something Mike is really good at already but there’s always room for improvement and new techniques but right now he’s not into learning something new but he will get there. It’s hard having someone tell you to do something over and over again because it’s not the way they wanted it but it passes the x-ray machine. They x-ray things to see how the weld is and Mike’s welds are awesome but just not done the way they want them so he’s gotta give a bit, bend a bit and relax and enjoy this phase. School is 3/4 of the way over and soon graduation and a new life. He’ll get it, he always does but of course in his own time.

Well I do have to vacuum, I need to walk over to the neighbors and check their cabin and of course there’s the chickens and fire that need tending. Then Jim will take me out for lunch and we’ll come home for a nap. So I really better get going. Take care my friends and I do hope you all are having an awesome weekend. Take care of yourselves, rest, relax and rejuvenate. It’s good for the body, it’s good for the soul. I’m learning.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

my kitty does the same thing!. when u feel run down take zinc tablets.. it will improve your immune system.. i swear by them.. its worked for me and better than vitamin c. i learned not to put my hands to my face- eyes, nose and mouth... also lemon tea w/honey helps too!.
btw is there something wrong w/your kitty's eye?

Kalei's Best Friend said...

oops my bad- i see it's the inside latch to your cupboard! lol

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I'm sorry your feeling sick.. YES... take care of yourself and get better! The flu season is bad this year!! I LOVE the pic of your cute squirrel... wow, you got some great pics! Rest and get better. :)


Baby Sister said...

I'm so sorry you're sick!! :( I think it is your bodies way of telling you it needs a break. I hope you feel better soon!!

Just so you know, I posted the rest of the wedding pictures. So when you get a chance they're up. :) I knew you probably wanted to see them, so I just thought I'd let you know. :)

Empty Nester said...

I know what you mean about Mamas! Mine keeps telling me things like that and I keep thinking, "Puh-leeze. I am 5+ years old I KNOW what I can and can't do." And then, what she says would happen, happens. So annoying. LOL Germ wagon! That's so TRUE! Perfect name for a bus. Perfect. I go around and wipe the keyboards in my lab down with Clorax wipes every afternoon to try and keep the germs to a minimum. Tell Mike I said, "Chill. He will have an entire lifetime to do it his way. Just do it their way for now and graduate." :) It is cool to say that he's in Aspen. And what a deal!!! Take care of yourself girl!

Gaia Wise Ways said...

Soooo sorry you got it Julie! Mine lasted 3 weeks...finally almost over it. Yes, immune builders Julie builders are a must. If you don't get over it in a week and a half, get some antibiotics....i waited two weeks and finally started getting better. Give me a call and lets get together when you are better. Hugs!

Angela Pea said...

Get Well!!!

And the squirrel? SO CUTE!!!

Anne H said...

Love the cute kitty! Doing what cats do best!
Get well soon - colds are ruff!

Kyra said...

What a fantastic shot to the squirrel! He has such personality!

Jill said...

Hope you are feeling better my friend! Take it easy and get lots of rest!

I love those squierrl pictures! Too cute!!

Have a great weekend!