Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hungry, hungry….hippo….

You know that hungry dude on the commercial, that cute cuddly orange guy? Well my hungry dude doesn’t look at all like that mines more like this:

Go ahead and piss this dude off. You should hear him, he growls, screams, farts and wants to eat…not just now but all the time. I have been ignoring him since the 1st about noon time and boy is he upset. Now I’m doing my damnest to just ignore him but he’s loud, really really loud.

I have been following the plan, to the letter…no cheats at all… and plan on keeping it up. I have packed my lunch and supper already. I have a basketball activity this afternoon/evening so won’t be home to fix anything and I know better than to think I’ll wait until I get home to eat. I am leaving at noon and getting home at 8 so I’m planning. Here’s what I got…


8 oz of fruit. Banana, cutie and apple.


Eggs and tomato.

For Breakfast it’s SF instant breakfast and 1% milk. And to keep the hole full it’s 100 oz of water.

I’m going to go and work out but nothing to stressing with these few calories, just enough to get me moving again. I’m thinking 30 minutes walking and 30 minutes swimming which according to the activity calorie counter it’s about 400 calories used up.

My fingernails are gold. I had to paint them with something and since I only have some very bright fingernail polish from a project, I picked a color that didn’t scream look at me, but covered them up so I hopefully will just keep them out of my mouth. You know, when you think about it, putting my fingers in my mouth to chew on a fingernail is really, really gross but for some reason I’m not thinking about that when I’m chewing. YUCK!!!! Gotta think, GOTTA THINK!!!

So all this means I’m on track. Working hard and getting back into what really shouldn’t of been left behind. Can’t change that, can only plan for the future and live in the day. So that’s what I’m doing.

Today I found a plane ticket for $311 to get Mike home the end of February. I am still hoping to find it a bit less and than with a rebate Mike got because his flight missed his connecting flight I can afford to get the Lakes Express to bring him home from the airport. They have a 1/2 off thing going on right now so for $45.00 they will pick him up in the cities, bring him to Brainerd, pick him back up in Brainerd when it’s time to go and take him back to the airport. I can’t drive down there for that plus he’s coming home while I’m working and don’t want to take a day off if I don’t have too. He will get to celebrate his 21st birthday at home with friends and family, the way he wanted to (me too).

So it’s onward and upwards (except for the scale that better be downwards, –2 this am so far). I’m heading out the door shortly but wanted to stop and check in. Hope that the new year is treating you kindly.

Take care and God Bless!!


upinthecosmos said...

Moving onward, that's what I have to do too.... & plan... I gotta get myself organized! I know the hungry dude up there isn't really a good thing but I love it! It appeals to the creepy side of me... LOL!!

Maren said...

Holy cow that fella is looking rather creepy. You best feed that beast :D

Onward it is indeed, glad to hear you're on track! :)

Deanna Printy said...

wow, my hungry monster looks like that too :) It's been a hard day.

Kim said...

That guy looks crazy! You didn't look anything like him today lol!

Debsdailylife said...

That guy looks like me in the mornings. (Ok maybe not quite). I totally get the hungries!! Ive put myself here and I have to stay away from the snacks!!!

Empty Nester said...

Wow, WTH diet is that? I'd be angry too. LOL

Betty W said...

I agree with Pam, that is NOT a lot of food! But you for sure will lose weight that way. You go girl!!

Princess Dieter aka Mir said...

Defiitely can see why you're hungry. That's a tiny amount of eats. But I'm assuming this is a short-term, big whoosh, motivational, drop-it-fast stage and you'll get more later, right?

Here's to holding on. I'm quite full right now, and I've eaten my calories for the day. Trouble is, day ain't donw. Whoa.

Let's work it. Hugs.

Flying high in the sky.... said...

lovely and happy post!! Mike coming home is making you happy and i sense that in your post :)

have a wonderful, blessed, abundant and peaceful new year :)

you are on track with your health time-table :) keep it up :)

Baby Sister said...

Lol! That picture is awesome. :) Looks like my hippo. But it sounds like you're doing awesome!! Go Julie, go!!