Tuesday, January 22, 2013


And school is running two hours late so I’m going to make the best of that time and head to the gym early. YEAH!!! for me, I’m doing something I’m suppose and putting it in perspective. I am eating a small bowl of oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast cuz by time I’m done at the gym there won’t be any time to come home and fix anything so am eating first. Yea I know, your not suppose to eat first but if I didn’t I haven’t a clue as to when I will eat next. Because after I get back at 11 from my first bus run I have to go to my cleaning job in Aitkin which will take me up to the time I run back to Crosby for my 2nd bus run so I’m bring a banana and OJ and eating my oatmeal and well at –25 and not suppose to warm up much if I did bring a lunch it would be frozen like a rock before I got to it.

I got in 15 miles on the bike last night and am hoping for 18 today. I’m trying to increase by 3 miles each time. I’m trying.

Anywho….it’s time to run. Just checking in. Take care and have a blessed day. Stay warm if you from up north.


Kim said...

Couldn't your lunch ride the bus with u? Grant puts stuff on the vents in his truck to heat it up to HOT he says:) or u could stop by here for a quick sandwich...u gotta eat or you'll get a headache at the very least and sick at the worst!!! Take it easy...and why don't u come here tomorrow instead of library?

Angela Pea said...

-28? Oh mercy, I just can't wrap my head around THAT much cold! I've lived down here in the south for way, way to long now. (I grew up in Great Falls, Montana.)

It's okay to eat before exercising, as long as your stomach can take it. Some folks like to eat before, some after. Me? I like to have a small snack before and then eat after, too!

As for lunch, find a thermos and carry some soup in your bag. Or would that actually freeze, too?

Be super careful on the roads, my friend, and have a wonderful, blessed day yourself!

Sunshine's Heart said...

You are so busy it scares me. I don't know how I would manage in your place. I need to take my cue from you and get my butt moving.

Hang in there, dear.

Baby Sister said...

Brr!! So cold!! I hope one of these days your life won't be so busy and you can relax a little bit. But, at least moving around keeps you warm. :)